Want to learn how to wear a trendy poncho this year? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear ponchos with outfit ideas from style bloggers.

Ponchos can be a little intimidating. They consist of a whole lot of fabric and can very easily be unflattering or way too casual. But when they’re worn the right way, ponchos are amazing and become something that every girl should own at least one of. They’re ridiculously cozy and comfortable, and they look very boho-chic.

I’m a short girl with some curves, so I know how hard it can be to style a poncho the right way – they can easily overwhelm my frame and make me look kind of crazy. But these style tips have inspired me to try my poncho in new ways… plus, I just bought an insanely soft one from Forever 21 that I’m dying to wear. Want to get in on this winter trend? Here are 20 style tips on how to wear ponchos. 

  1. Go for an outfit in one color, like this all-black look. 
  2. Paired with bright rain boots, a poncho keeps you dry and warm in the rainy weather. 
  3. In warmer weather, wear a light poncho with shorts, wedge sandals, and a hat.4. A poncho even looks cute layered over a dress wight high boots.
  4. Wear your poncho over shorts with tights – so cute and different! 
  5. Layer your cream-colored poncho over a striped shirt for a preppy vibe.
  6. A super long poncho can be worn as a dress!
  7. When it’s not too cold, wear a poncho instead of a jacket.
  8. Go for a hooded poncho to stay extra warm.
  9. Buy a smaller, more fitted poncho if you’re not into the oversized look.
  10. I’m obsessed with this look of a poncho belted over a maxi skirt.
  11. Go all out in a boho style with flared jeans and a floppy hat.
  12. Add a little fringe for a serious music festival vibe.
  13. Add a scarf for a cute layer and extra warmth.
  14. Layer with a button-down and let the collar stick out.
  15. A poncho looks really cute and is put together with heeled ankle booties.
  16. Find a long poncho and wear it with leggings – it’s so comfy! Add glam accessories, like a faux fur scarf and leather boots, to make it less casual.
  17. A pair of heels balance out a super big poncho, making your outfit a little more streamlined.
  18. Wear a poncho with patterned jeans and a beanie for a casual outfit.
  19. A long statement necklace goes along way in terms of glamour.
  20. Which of these outfits was your favorite? How do you wear your poncho? What kind of style tips do you want to see next? Tell me in the comments.
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