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10 Style Rules You Should Break. Kendall Jenner White Jumpsuit.

Rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to fashion. These are the style rules that you should ignore.

Sometimes the rules are meant to be broken. While there are definitely some rules you should obey, such as those involving vehicles and private property, there are others that you should take with a grain of salt. So-called fashion rules are one category that you shouldn’t be too concerned about. Some of them are valid, like dressing for the weather–no one wants frostbitten feet–but some are a bit ridiculous. See not wearing white after Labor Day. Haven’t the rule-makers heard of winter white?

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These are 9 other fashion rules that you should ignore:

1. Do not wear horizontal stripes.

golden rules of fashion
Taylor Swift is seen on April 12 in New York City. (Photo by David Krieger/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Vertical stripes are fine according to “the rules,” but horizontal stripes are a definite no-no. They supposedly make you look wider. If you choose the right piece and the right stripe width, they can actually help balance out your body shape. Breton tops for all.

2. Always match your bag to your shoes.

Olivia Palermo Contrasting Bag Shoes

Where’s the fun in matching your bag to your shoes? Your outfit will look much more interesting if you choose a contrasting pair of shoes. It’s just like your nail polish. You don’t need to wear the same shade on your toes as you do on your fingers.

3. Avoid super trendy styles.

Alicia Vikander Comic-Con White Crop Top Culottes

There is always a focus on how you should buy classic pieces because they are investments that you can wear for years to come, but if you really love something, buy it. If you like those culottes, who cares if there is another “new” pant style next season? You can wear them until the seams rip.

4. Never wear sweatpants outside of the gym.

Rihanna Sweatpants

Sweatpants aren’t just for lazy Sundays at home or for hitting the gym. They can be worn for almost any occasion. They can be dressed up with a pair of heels and statement jewelry. Don’t believe me? Check out Rihanna and these outfits for inspiration.

5. Don’t mix polka dots and stripes.

fashion rules to live by

If you want to wear a pattern, choose one printed piece and keep the rest of your look solid pieces, right? Wrong. Mixing patterns looks modern and very chic when it’s done right. You can pair any prints together, whether it’s stripes, spots, camo, or houndstooth. If you’re a mixing newbie, choose patterns with similar color palettes.

6. Stick with one piece of denim.

Model Gigi Hadid greets fans at Myer Macquarie Centre in Sydney, Australia.

Denim is everyone’s favorite fabric, so why limit yourself to just one piece? Head-to-toe denim can be a great look. Choose simple silhouettes and select pieces with slightly different washes for more interest. If someone says that you are wearing a Canadian or Texas tuxedo, take it as a compliment.

7. Never wear tights or socks with open shoes.

Fashion Rules To Break Right Now

Socks or tights with open shoes are an interesting layered look. You can match your hosiery to your shoes, or you can contrast it. The only thing you really have to watch out for is to ensure there isn’t a seam in the toes of your stockings because that will spoil the look.

8. Do not pair navy with black.

Mylene Klass Navy Black

Black and navy are both neutrals, so why shouldn’t they go together? Blue and black go great together, and navy is just a darker shade of blue. If you’re worried about people thinking you’re wearing blacks that don’t match, choose pieces that are a lighter navy.

9. Stay away from maxi silhouettes if you’re short.

What are the rules for fashion?

There are lots of unnecessary guidelines for different body shades that we shouldn’t get too hung upon. Focus on the specific piece and how you style it rather than its general silhouette. Petite girls can look great in maxi lengths, especially when they balance them out with fitted tops.

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