Before you can take steps to figure out what your style is, you need to figure out who you are as a person. How do you like to dress? Are you wild? Or are you a little more conservative? Do you like casual comfort, or are you more business formal? If you can consider the different personas you would like to showcase then this will help you to present yourself to the world. If you can, take the time to think about your age here. The main reason for this is because clothing has to be age-appropriate. If you have grandkids and you are dressing just like them then this can show that you have a bit of an issue. It’s okay for you to look youthful, just make sure that you are taking steps to suit your stage of life.

You also need to give some thought to your occupation. You would not wear jeans or a cut-off t-shirt to work if you were employed by a law firm. At the same time, you would not wear high heels and a short skirt if you worked with children. When you have chosen an appropriate outfit for your job, you can then take steps to jazz it up with a few accessories. Your lifestyle should also come into it. Stiletto heels are fine for the city but they will make you stick out if you live in the country. Fashion is great but at the same time, you have to combine form with function. If you can do this then you will be able to fit in with your surroundings well. Remember that you don’t need to buy designer duds just so you can express your style. Even t-shirts and jeans can be stylish if you use them well so make sure that you keep that in mind.

Look for Inspiration

Fashion inspiration can take place in many forms. You can take inspiration from your friends or you can take it from your style if you want. Find a celebrity or a model who can capture the best style of what you’d like to emulate. If you can also take the time to flip through the pages of a leading entertainment magazine and find pictures you like then cut them out and paste them into a binder. If you can do this and hang them around your room then this will help you out quite a lot. Don’t copycat,  and instead, make sure that you look at it as a way to try and feel better about yourself. Take your pictures too. Remember that inspiration comes from a range of sources. Scour vintage clothing stores and look through vintage magazines or even history books. This will help you to understand what works and what doesn’t, not to mention that it can serve as a springboard for your style. If you can take the time to look at new and modern fashion icons then this will help you out too, so be mindful of that as it could help you more than you realize.

Know your Personality

Do you want to try and get a high-powered job? Or are you trying to meet the person of your dreams? Either way, it’s wise for you to take a notebook and write down all of the goals you have in your life. You can then begin to think about all of the goals and design elements that could bring this together. If you want to find a better job then you should think about how you need to dress to get that position. You might also want to think about all of the accessories you have to choose from. If you are going back to university then now could be the time to trade in your blazer for a new pair of jeans. 


What parts of your body do you love? Focus on what it is you like best and then choose clothing or even accessories that help you to highlight them. If you have wonderful blue eyes then now may be the time for you to get some eye shadow so you can make your eyes pop. Endless legs should be shown off by wearing some short shorts or even a mini-skirt. If you know your measurements too, you can find clothing that fits you well. Bring your measurements with you when you visit a clothing retailer too, as this will make your life a lot easier. One thing that a lot of people do is that they forget to dress for their body shape. A lot of women have pear-shaped bodies, and this means that they have a narrow waist but wider hips. If you happen to fit into this box then make sure that you draw attention to your upper body. Consider coloured shirts or even scarves. You might also want to wear hip-length jackets as this will help you out a lot. If you can avoid pleats and stripes then this will accentuate your broader areas too, so keep this in mind if you can.

If you are rounder or if you are more apple-shaped then you will want to draw attention away from your waist. Try and go for a flat-fronted skirt or even an empire-waisted dress. Having wide-legged pants is also a good solution. For bustier women, accentuate the curves you have by wearing something with a scooped neckline. You want something that hugs your chest properly. If you are super curvy then you may be tempted to wear baggy items but you will want to avoid this if possible.

Take a Lesson in Style

You don’t need a degree in fashion if you want to dress better. Choose cotton pieces for day-to-day use and then opt for wool in the winter. You can then choose cotton or polyester blends for both the spring and the summer. You need to press cotton if you want it to look good because it will wrinkle but other than this you should not have any issues so keep that in mind. Silk at the end of the day is great but it can make you appear bigger than you are. Smooth and matte surfaces such as cashmere or even jersey can help you to slim down, so keep that in mind too if you can.

Accessories  your Wardrobe

Get to know the contents of your wardrobe and what you have. Look through your closet as often as you can as this will help you to identify your style and it will also help you know if there is anything you might be able to change. A walk through your closet will help you to get a strong sense of what you feel comfortable wearing, whether it is flowing dresses or business suits. You can also take note of your shoes and your accessory collections too. Use this as a chance to do a bit of clearing. You might want to pull each piece out so you can see if it still fits you. By doing this, you can then identify items that may be stained or out of date. If it doesn’t fit then you need to clear it out. You need to look at accessories too. If you don’t have any then why not consider Cremation Jewelry by

Make some Changes

You don’t have to reinvent your entire wardrobe if you want to develop your style. With that in mind, you do need to try and pick up some new things. You don’t have to overhaul it as that will cost you a small fortune, but instead, work to update it. Introduce some pieces that reflect your style, whether it is some new shoes or even a scarf. Experiment but take baby steps at the same time. If you want to save money then you need to update what you have already. Do you have some old jeans that you could work on? If so then now could be the time for you to patch them up or even tailor them. Crop or roll up some pants too as this will help you to make them fit way better. Boring dresses can be spruced up with a belt too so keep that in mind. Little tricks like this can save you a great deal of time, so make sure you don’t overlook that.

Wardrobe Essentials

It doesn’t matter what your style is because every wardrobe has to start with a couple of very basic pieces. If you can incorporate the classics then this will help you to get the look you are going for, effortlessly. If you can, ensure that you have some black pants, a black tank top and a white blouse. Jeans are always a staple, and so are pencil skirts. If you can keep this in mind then you will soon find that it becomes easier for you to get the look you are going for without spending a small fortune. Of course, you can also rotate your staples, which makes it easy to get the look you’re going for in the long run. 

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