Which Sport Has The Best Outfits?
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Which sport has the cutest outfits? Tennis? Dressage? Ice skating?

I am in the market for a new sport. I hate exercise, so I figure the best way to sneak some physical activity into my lazy, lazy lifestyle is to hide it under the guise of a fun new hobby. And I know myself well enough to know that I am much, much more likely to stick with a sport if I have a fun outfit to wear. But what sport has the cutest outfits?

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Most sports have very distinctive uniforms. My mother plays a lot of tennis and basically does not wear anything but white pleated mini-skirts all summer. My sister got into figure skating as a small child, and I was intensely jealous of all the pretty, crystal-encrusted custom skating dresses she would get for her competition routines. I, on the other hand, rode horses, which meant I had a prescribed ensemble of the green jacket, khaki trousers, black boots, and helmet that I could not embellish or make unique at all.

In retrospect, the equestrian look is pretty chic, but at the time, I chafed under the restriction that I had to look as invisible and as much like every rider as possible, especially when my sister got to run around dressed like a magical princess.

My mother’s little white tennis outfits were cute, though, at the time, I was all, “Oh my Goooooood, mom! You are too old to walk around in mini skirts!” (She was probably younger then than I am now, and on behalf of all of us, I would like to retroactively tell my 10-year-old self to kindly STFU.) Her outfits were all white, though, and very traditional and nowhere near as cool as what Serena Williams wears.

The fencing is cool. The outfits are not as fun, but it’s the only socially acceptable way I know to carry a sword around in public.

I do not think anyone should have to look cute or wear makeup or make their hair pretty or dress in fancy outfits to do sports, but I love fashion and am ambivalent at best about sports. I will never be a world-class athlete, but I love getting dressed up in cool outfits, and I know from experience that a cute outfit will make me much more likely to actually get off my butt and go get some exercise. So if I pick a new sport, it is going to have to be one with cool outfits.

So help me out, guys. Which sport has the best outfits? Ice skating? Horseback riding? Tennis? Fencing? What else is out there that I am missing? Let me know in the comments.

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