In fashion, the simple kind of shirt is a broad category encompassing wardrobe staples known for their pared-back, effortless style. From t-shirts, to polos, to button-downs, these no-fuss tops make getting dressed easy.

Simple kind of shirts like t-shirtspolos, and button-downs are wardrobe staples due to their comfortaffordability, and versatility. Here we explore the most prevalent easy-to-wear shirt styles.

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Basic t-shirts are one of the most ubiquitous simple kinds of shirts found in closets worldwide. With their short sleeves, crew necks, and stretchy cotton jersey construction, classic tees exemplify unfussy, casual style.

T-shirts first emerged as undergarments in the 19th century before evolving into the essential shirt style we know today.

  • Now one of the most ubiquitous garments worldwide, t-shirts come in an array of forms including crewneckv-neck, and sleeveless.
  • The most common t-shirt materials are cotton blends, however polyester and other synthetics have grown in popularity.

T-shirts are valued for their laidback, casual styling. When putting together outfits with a simple kind of shirt like a polo or button-down, keep the styling relaxed. For example, pair with jeans and sneakers for an off-duty weekend look, or tuck into trousers with loafers for business casual office attire.

Polo Shirts

Assortment of colorful polo shirts on mannequins against a grey background.

Polo shirts trace back to tennis players in the late 19th century who adapted their uniform into a comfortable, breathable style.

  • Signature elements of the polo shirt include a collarplacketshort sleeves, and stretchy knit construction.
  • Initially worn as athleticwear, polos emerged as a versatile shirt for both casual and business situations.

With their sporty origins, polos maintain a preppy, refined air.

Simple Kind of Shirt Style Comparison

SleevesShort, sleeveless possibleShort
ButtonsNoPartial placket
UsageCasualBusiness casual or casual

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts emerged as athletic attire in the late 19th century, adopted from the tennis uniform.

  • Signature polo elements include:
    • Collar
    • Placket with buttons
    • Short sleeves
    • Stretch knit fabrication
  • Initially worn for sports like tennispolos became mainstream as a more refined, preppy style.

Polos bridge the gap between casual tees and formal button-downs.

Some hallmark features of polo shirts include:

  • Versatile for both casual and business attire
  • Typically made of breathablelightweight materials like pique cotton
  • Feature a partial button placket and collar
  • Have short sleeves
TypeCommon Uses
Tennis polosAthleticwear
Classic polosBusiness casual, weekend wear
Long-sleeve polosTransitional weather

With their sporty DNA, polos maintain an athletic, casual vibe while also working for more refined occasions.

Button-Down Shirts

Button-down shirts trace their origins to menswear, specifically as a more casual alternative to shirts with starched collars and cuffs.

Signature features include:

  • Buttoned collar points
  • Typically lightweight cotton or linen
  • Come in solids, plaidsstripes
  • Both long and short sleeve versions

Over time, button-downs have been adopted into mainstream womenswear as well. Compared to stiff dress shirts, button-downs maintain a relaxed, weekend-ready vibe.

Common button-down variations include:

  • Oxford – Features a basketweave fabric
  • Flannel – Made from a soft brushed cotton
  • Chambray – Features a lightweight denim
Casual button-downWeekend or leisure wear
Business button-downMore formal, office-ready style

With their laidback heritage, button-down styles bridge the gap between casual and business attire.

Buying Considerations for Simple Shirts

Colorful cotton t-shirts on hangers arranged in a row on a wooden background.

When selecting simple shirts like t-shirtspolos, and button-downs, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Fabric and Materials
    • Cotton and cotton blends are common
    • Consider breathability for comfort
    • Check durability and pilling resistance
  • Fit and Sizing
    • Size up for a looser, casual fit
    • Slim or tailored fits work for layering
    • Check size charts for accuracy
  • Versatility and Usage
    • Solids, stripes, and prints for mixing and matching
    • Darker colors disguise stains
    • Layer under cardigans or jackets
  • Care and Washing
    • Pre-treat stains
    • Wash gentle cycle in cold water
    • Air dry or tumble dry low
FactorDetails to Check
FabricFiber content, breathability
FitSize chart accuracy, intended fit
UsageColor/pattern versatility
CareWashing instructions

Target, Amazon, H&M, and Uniqlo are go-to retailers for simple, basic t-shirts and casual shirts. They cater to various price points and preferences. Fresh Clean Threads also noteworthy for high-end basics.

Simple Shirt Outfit Ideas

Simple shirts like t-shirtspolos, and button-downs make versatile basics for countless looks. Here are outfit ideas to inspire your wardrobe:

Casual Looks

Keep it lowkey with these relaxed outfit combos:

  • T-shirt + jeans + sneakers
  • Polo + shorts + sandals
  • Oversized button-down + leggings + slip-on shoes

Mix and match patterns and colors for effortless style:

  • Striped tee + solid shorts
  • Graphic tee + denim jacket
  • Checked button-down + white jeans

Business Casual Looks

Elevate your office attire with these smart looks:

  • Polo tucked into trousers + loafers
  • Oxford button-down + skirt + heels
  • Chambray button-down + dress pants + boots

Incorporate layers like sweaters and blazers for polish.

GarmentStyling Tips
T-shirtAvoid unless dress code allows
PoloOpt for classic colors
Button-downChoose subtle patterns


In summary, simple shirts like t-shirtspolos, and button-downs make versatile staples for any wardrobe.

With their laidback vibe perfect for everything from errands to date nights, the ‘simple kind of shirt’ category offers prime wardrobe building blocks. T-shirts, polos and button-downs make getting ready a breeze.

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Key highlights:

  • Offer comfort and breathability
  • Typically lightweight and casual
  • Feature iconic details like collars and plackets
  • Come in array of colors, patterns, and sleeve lengths

Simple shirts transition seamlessly from weekend wear to office attire. Style them in endless ways:

  • With jeans and shorts for off-duty looks
  • Under blazers or sweaters for polished style
ShirtStyling Tips
T-shirtSize up for a relaxed fit
PoloOpt for classic colors
Button-downMix subtle patterns

As wardrobe basics, quality simple shirts belong in every closet.

We hope you found this overview on simple kinds of shirts informative. T-shirts, polos, and button-downs are versatile wardrobe essentials. They are easy to style for any occasion.

If you found this guide helpful, we’d love for you to share it with friends or on social media. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future shirt-style topics as well. Let us know in the comments which simple shirt is your go-to in your wardrobe and how you like to wear it!

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