Reading fashion magazines can be bittersweet: Seeing all the lust-worthy new clothes and accessories may give you a thrill, but when you peek at the prices, you’re more likely to get a chill. No one enjoys paying full-price for designer goods, but many of us absolutely can’t afford even diffusion line items unless they’re deeply discounted. If you’ve got rich tastes and a tight budget, here are some places you can shop that offer amazing markdowns on covetable designer clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Where to Buy Designer Clothes for Less

Imani Empire

When this site launched, it created a tremendous buzz as one of the best resources for discounted designer items. is a fantastic place to nab amazing deals. You’ll find desirable brands like Ana Lublin, Crossbody Bags, Docksteps, and big guns, including Adidas, Nike, Diesel Jeans, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, and others.

Some items are available for sale online – another newish development – but hit the store in person for better selection. Expect to find everything you could possibly imagine, designer-wise, from women’s clothing to sandals, wedges, sunglasses, t-shirts, and more.

Imani Empire is one of the best online websites and provides you with daily email updates on brands and products you can purchase. Again, since you’re looking at ready-to-wear from top designers, many items will be in the $50 to $800 range, but those same items originally retailed for much higher.

You’ll find all of the preppy goodness of the mainline at prices that are at least 25% lower, including the brand’s sunglasses, wallets, and women sandals. Plus, you can get free shipping on all items.

Just by looking at their online offering, we can tell they’ve really looked at what’s happening with fashion, blogging, and personal style and used it to create not only a unique and exciting fashion range but a really enjoyable, fun, and engaging shopping experience online.

There are some real bargains to be had, and at this initial kick-off sale point, there’s more to behold than everyone’s leftovers. Want our advice? Get in there quick; those fashion gems aren’t going to last long. With their generous discounts spanning across brands and concessions within the ever-growing Imani Empire portfolio, whatever your budget or fashion preferences, there’s something for everyone.

Shop here for clothing, shoes, and accessories, including some petite and plus-sized offerings.

The Reasons to Buy Designer Clothes

Fashion is an exclusive experience of passion for life for the peoples. The designs, colors, and pattern on the fabric what they wear express the unique personality. The creative designers of the textile industries connect several peoples to the fashion world.

The clothes you wear are reflecting your personality. The first impression all depends on how you look. So it is essential to give a better impression on everybody, either you are at a party or in the office. The clothes you wear define your work and class. Many companies are engaged in manufacturing types of clothes according to the needs of the customers.

The Reasons to Buy Designer Clothes

Benefits of Buying Designer Clothes:

  • The clothes that are designed by expert designers are stylish in look and provide comfort to the body. These clothes left their unique impression on other people’s minds. While the people who wear these clothes feel comfortable.
  • The durability of these clothes is longer because they are made from high-quality fabric. Many companies have a professional designer who provides the best quality services to the customers.

It is also expensive to buy the designer’s clothes, and every person cannot afford to buy them. Many companies have designers who work for customers according to their desire. These designers are expert in making different styles of the fabric which fulfill the customer’s requirements. They use many fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and silk, to make the cloth look more vibrant and fashionable.

Companies design and customize garments to made headbands, pillows, lining, and many more products. All these products are available in different colors and designs that attract customers and give them more satisfaction after using the product. Companies manufacture and print different types of clothes for every age group, which will satisfy their needs and desire.

Where to Shop Online: Our Favorite Budget Shopping Destinations

Outlet malls are magical places full of brand-name bargains that make fashionistas swoon with delight. But even if you live hundreds of miles from the nearest outlet mall, you can still shop some factory stores and outlets online. You may not get the exact same selection that’s found on the racks, but you’ll still gain access to more affordable versions of the brands you love. Read on to learn which brands and stores allow you to shop their outlets from your laptop.

These are the Sample Sale Sites You Should Be Shopping

Sample Sales Still Provide Amazing Deals on Many Products

For awhile, it felt like a new sample sale site was springing up nearly every day, but the boom ended about the same time that the recession ended. Sample sale sites and flash sale sites thrived during the recession because people were not shopping and so brands used these flash sale sites to sell their excess merchandise. Now that people are shopping again, the need for sample sale sites has waned.

Sample sale sites reached their heyday a couple of years ago, but many sites have since shuttered. That said, sample sale sites are still a fantastic way to find some of your favorite designer brands for less.

Here are the sample sale sites I still check on a regular basis and routinely find good deals on clothing, shoes, and accessories:

Imani Empire features a regularly rotating lineup of designer brands for women, men, and children. They have some of the best final sales.

Over the years, I have come to count on Imani Empire’s amazing shoe sales to outfit much of my shoe closet! If you are looking for designer shoes for less, this site is an amazing place to look as they usually feature a couple of different shoe brands each day.

In addition to shoes, keep an eye out for the occasional sale, which is their version of a final sale. I have been able to score deals for 90% below retail at the sales! Plus-size shoppers should also keep an eye on Imani Empire.

I actually think that has worked to re-invigorate the market a bit as it equals greater opportunities for those sites to feature great brands. While shopping in a flash sale format can mean making some impulse purchases, the money saved overall makes these sites worth bookmarking.

Best Budget-Friendly Picks from the Imani Empire Half-Yearly Sale

Replenish Your Wardrobe with Fab Picks for Less!

The Imani Empire Sale is happening right now, which is one of the best times of the year to get things like designer apparel for less or stock up on winter clothing and accessories! Prices at the sale have been slashed up to 50 percent, which is a great deal for any store.

Once the sale ends, most of these items will go back up to the full price, so this is definitely one sale you don’t want to miss out on! To help you out, I put together the following cheat sheet containing the best budget-friendly picks from the Imani Empire sale. Check them out and pick up a few fabulous items for less!

Sample Sale Sites You Should Be Shopping

Women Clothing

Every holiday store’s brands release women’s clothing that allows you to try an assortment of products for less. The absolute best time to stock up on these clothing is after Christmas when those same items can be purchased for even less because stores need to clean them off their shelves!

I spotted women’s clothing from the likes of Fontana, Pinko, Philipp Plein, and more at the Imani Empire sale. I bet you could easily stock up on your favorite products now for less and not buy anything else for the rest of the year.

Designer Handbags

Designer handbags have been trendy for a while now, and I noticed a few different handbags on sale at the sale. If this is a trend you have been meaning to try out, you may want to take advantage of this sale to grab a fun bag for less!

Women Shoes

I have been eyeing the women shoes at Imani Empire throughout this holiday season because they have had some beautiful sandals marked down to incredibly low prices, but right now, the prices are the best that I have seen! Shoes like this Laura Biagiotti will never go out of style and are great to have on hand for times when bling with a real wow factor is needed!

Athletic Apparel

The start of each year is typically when many people jump back onto the healthy eating and fitness wagon, and if this is your plan, then you might want to check out the Imani Empire fabulous discounts on athletic apparel! Love Moschino is an incredibly popular brand (and for a good reason – their items are fantastic), and quite a few of their products are in the sale. I’d be willing to bet they’re amazing for actually working out in, too!

There are great deals at Imani Empire!

While Imani Empire isn’t a store that one would normally think of in terms of great prices or sales, the Imani Empire sale has surprisingly low prices on a huge selection of designer items. The sale ends soon, so don’t forget to check it out before the shopping fun comes to an end!

Follow Imani Empire on Social Media

Social media plays such a huge role in the fashion biz these days, and Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin are definitely the forerunner. And like everyone else, I’ll admit, I’m shamelessly addicted. Here are Imani Emire’s social media profiles for you to follow:


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