Tips To Be a Conscious Consumer

The environment is not the only one that is taking a massive beating from bad spending patterns, but your pockets too! A shift towards a more sustainable and conscious way of shopping is what the world economy really needs right now.

Take a look at how you have spent your savings over the past year, particularly how many times you have gone over your budget limitation due to poor decisions. If you are shocked by the discovery, then perhaps it’s time to make a change.

The five shopping tips highlighted in this article are the best way to turn your fortunes around and become a more conscious consumer from 2022 onwards:

  1. Buy Only What You Need

You need to put an end to stuffing your home full of things bought on the spur of the moment that upon reflection, you discovered that you did not really need them after all.

If you are guilty of this, as are most modern-day consumers, then before you make the next purchase, ask yourself this:

  • Do I really need this item right now?
  • Will I still need it in a month or two?
  • Is there any other more sustainable option, such as buying secondhand?
  • Can I somehow get a better deal by upgrading what I already have?

These few questions will help you remain focused on the bigger picture even in the face of lots of temptation from retailers.

  1. Brand Ethics Is Important!

How many people stop to consider whether the product they are enjoying was made using ethical and globally accepted methods? Granted, a lot of people are beginning to ask these types of questions, but not nearly as many as should be.

If you were in the habit of buying without sparing a second thought to the issues of unfair pay, poor working conditions, and general exploitation, then it is time to start paying more attention.

These are real issues that need your attention, and a good place to start is by doing a bit of research into the ethics of the company before making your purchases. From this point of view, the fashion and jewelry world has been a pioneer, and brands such as Discovered or Novica have made ethical crafting a core element of their businesses.

  1. Look Closely at the Supply Chain

Globalized supply chains and a continuous churning out of new styles all the time are signs of the type of retailer you need to avoid. It is not possible in this day and age for a business to remain sustainable with such a large scale and global production while still sticking to ethical practices. If the supply chain is difficult to trace, it means there might be something to hide!

  1. Switch To Sustainable Material

Gone are the days when sustainable material meant wearing something tacky and unfashionable. These days, a lot of the biggest fashion brands are making the switch towards sustainability and if not, then you should not be supporting them.

An easy personal rule you can use is to simply stay away from synthetics, such as polyester. You should also not simply take their word for it when they say they use sustainable material. Do a bit of research first.

  1. Have You Considered a Circular Economy?

A circular economy means there is a closed loop and the industry is self-sustaining. Things such as recycling and investing back into the community and environment are essential for a circular economy and should be one of the first things you look into.

Final Word

When you start to make more conscious decisions while shopping, you will be playing your part in creating a more sustainable economy and environment. The more people who stay away from companies with unethical business practices, the better it will be for the world as a whole.

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