This summer, do not hesitate to wear a hat that will give you a fresh style while giving you protection from UV rays, learn some tips to wear your favorite hat this season, and look fabulous.

Surely you will be encouraged to go outdoors, sunbathe and feel the warm temperatures to enjoy all that environment that makes you feel so good. You can easily combine your summer outfit with a hat; you just have to choose yours and adapt it to your personal style. Here you will learn about three particular styles of hats for the summer.

Summer Hat Styles

The Canotier

It is a type of summer hat that has a simple and elegant style; usually, it comes adorned with a colored ribbon, and due to its simple design, it is easy to take anywhere to combine with loose summer dresses or your favorite swimsuit. It is something minimalist and discreet; it will make you look light and carefree, great if you do not like to attract much attention, and want to go unnoticed but very charming.

The Pamela

The Pamela hat or also known as a beach hat, is an elegant option with sophisticated airs because having its characteristic wide wings and its flexibility that creates waves, sometimes very large, while its crown is rounded. It has the characteristic of making you look very glamorous while protecting you from the sun; it is great to use with bold and very striking looks, you should not hesitate to try this hat in your summer.

Panama Hat

A hat with a versatile and very sophisticated style, with different models and styles, the Panama hat is a classic accessory of Ecuadorian origin made from a natural fiber that will make you fall in love, apart from being an eco-friendly option, it will give you freshness and elegance, It is easy to wear and combine with your outfit, either during the day outdoors or at night to give you style.

But How To Choose My Ideal Hat Size? The Hat In Harmony With Your Height

Although it may seem unimportant, you should take into account a hat according to your size, a very timely technique is that the hat’s wings should not exceed the width of your shoulders unless your height is very high and you want in some way strongly attract attention, you should not exaggerate with a very small hat if you are tall a small hat will not fit you.

An Ideal Size

Hats are usually made by the size of their wings, you have to try which one is the most suitable for you, and the one that makes you look harmonious in your style. Depending on the textures, the material, and the tones, if you prefer a hat that fits you or that fits you loosely, this will all depend on trying it on while you look in the mirror, so you have to do it with caution and taking the time you want. 

A Hat For Every Style

There is a hat for each outfit, it is normal that you wear small hats and few flashy in places where the dress is semi-formal, and in places where it is more relaxed to open up to the choice of a bright and colorful hat. We suggest you always have hats in neutral tones such as beige, black, or gray in your closet.

How To Choose A Hat According To My Type Of Face?

As you will all know, we have a different face shape with defined features, important characteristics to know how to choose an ideal accessory, and in this case, with the hat is no exception. Choosing which one is according to your face is easy; you just have to look at these tricks.

If your face is elongated or with a triangular shape, the round hats with high cups are perfect for you, and if they have large wings with a slight drop, they will fit you very well. If your face is rounded, wear a hat with medium wings, and an elongated shape, you will look great.

For square faces, you should opt for hats with rounded shapes and medium wings, preferably an asymmetrical model.

Triangle-shaped faces should opt for hats that have medium, drooping wings.

Knowing these little tips will help you get a big difference in your style, they can characterize you as an interesting, fresh and stylish person, choosing the hat according to you and your personality is very simple.

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