Shopping Guide: Shearling Pieces For Fall

Oh, hi. Have I mentioned that it’s officially fall and I’m so excited about it that I kind of have tunnel vision and can’t really think about anything else except for Nick Jonas because I’m pretty much always thinking about Nick Jonas? Oh, I have? Whatever, I’m excited, and you should be too. Everyone knows that fall is the all-around best season for clothes, mostly because you can wear pretty much anything you want without worrying about overheating/sweating/literally anything to do with the excessive heat of summer. It’s also the season for all of the softest textiles, including my personal favorite, shearling.

If you have any item of clothing in your wardrobe that isn’t wool or cotton or whatever boring ol’ material most stores sell this season, it has to be shearling. I know what you’re thinking: I can’t pull off faux fur. But you can! I promise! And you’ll feel like a cute little lamb while you do it!

Here are nine shearling pieces you need to consider:

1. LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection Faux-Fur Vest (Kohl’s $63)

lc lauren conrad vest1

I’ve probably raved about Lauren Conrad‘s newest collection a little too much since it debuted during NYFW a few weeks ago, but I can’t help it. This look was my absolute favorite from the show, and it’s only a matter of (not very much) time until that vest finds a home in my closet and/or on my body.

2. Jack By BB Dakota Dobry Crackle Faux Suede and Shearling Vest (Zappos, $71)

Jack By BB Dakota Dobry Crackle Faux Suede and Shearling Vest

You can’t possibly tell me that, if you were wearing this vest, you wouldn’t pull the lapels up to your face and just bask in all the soft, fluffy glory of it all. Plus, if you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge vest fan, and I love that the different materials here make it a look on its own so you wouldn’t have to wear anything more than a t-shirt and jeans with it.

3. Rag & Bone Exclusive Minerva Jacket (Intermix, $1,695)

Rag & Bone Exclusive Minerva Jacket

This is one of the four pieces from Rag & Bone and Intermix‘s new capsule collection for fall, and yes, it’s the most expensive by a mile. But, like I said when I covered the collection launch, real leather costs dollah dollah bills, y’all. I love the harsh edginess of a marsala leather jacket paired with the soft femininity of faux fur.

4. Faux Suede Jacket (Forever 21, $42.90)

Faux Suede Jacket

This one is Jillian’s pick, and it’s pretty spectacular. On a related note, I’m really into how much Forever 21 seems to have grown up in the past few months. Maybe they’re turning Forever 22? Also, maybe I’m the only person who finds my jokes funny?

5. River Island Tote With Contrast Shearling Panel (ASOS, $81)

River Island Tote With Contrast Shearling Panel

I’m kind of surprised by how much I like this bag. I don’t think fur has a place on bags, generally—I’m a go-leather-or-don’t-go-at-all kinda girl. But since the shearling is only on the side, it’s well-constructed, and, from far away, it doesn’t actually look like shearling, this bag weirdly works.

6. Cait Sleeveless Shearling Lined Denim Jacket (Missguided, $30)

Cait Sleeveless Shearling Lined Denim Jacket

Shearling and denim isn’t necessarily a combination I would have thought of on my own, but I’m glad someone did, but this vest is awesome.

7. Birdy Lace-Up Boots (Topshop, $70)

Topshop Birdy Lace-Up Boots

Here’s some subtle shearling for ya! I had to include some shoes here because there are tons of shearling boots out there, but I didn’t want to go for a classic UGG boot or anything like that. These also come in brown with a white shearling trim, but I prefer the black-on-black look.

8. Forest Tourist Vest (ModCloth, $49.99)

Forest Tourist Vest

Plaid and shearling might just be too much fall greatness for me. Or, you know, not enough. Either one.

9. Sherpa Eternity Scarf (Urban Outfitters, $34)

Shearling Scarf: Sherpa Eternity Scarf

I am ALL about this scarf. It might be a little bit warm for fall though, but you can always buy it now, snuggle with it for a few months, and then break it out into the real world when winter rolls around. That’s what we like to call a “pro tip.”

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