Most Common Sale Shopping Mistakes

Who doesn’t love sale shopping? It doesn’t matter whether it is a Black Friday sale, an end-of-season one, or a just-because-we-like your sale. It can be a BOGO deal or it could be a buy more, save more promotion, and we will still love it. Getting things at discounted prices is always a good thing but that doesn’t mean that all our sale purchases are wise choices. Seeing too many slashed price tags can negatively impact our judgment and it has resulted in us making some questionable purchases.

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These are the mistakes we have all made when shopping the sales:

1. Grabbing anything you can because it is on sale.

There were crowds of people so you had to grab whatever you could and think about it later. You narrowed down your selection and paid, but when you got home, you realized that you could have cut your purchase in half. Everything was a good deal but some pieces are just okay.

2. Buying something because it is 80% off.

Do you need more of a reason to buy something other than it is 80% off? You didn’t think so. You figured that you would find a use for it or an occasion it would come in handy. Fast forward three years and you have never touched the item since you stuck it in your closet.

3. Not bothering to try something that is final sale on.

You were sure it was going to fit. The top was in your size and you held it up to you, and it looked okay. When you got home and put it on, you realized that the reason the top might have seen so cheap was because of the bizarre fit.

4. Getting something in the wrong size because you are sure you are going to fit into it one day.

You were just so in love with that dress that you had to have it. You didn’t care that it was in the wrong size. You bought it and vowed that it would be your motivation and you would fit into it in no time. Of course, it is still sitting in your closet with the tags still on.

5. Buying something that is the wrong size but figuring it’s close enough that it won’t matter.

You could not put back these shoes. So what they were a size bigger than you normally buy, it isn’t like there is that much of a difference between a 7 and an 8. You’ll just wear a pair of socks with them. After running one errand if your new shoes, you realized you’d need at least four pairs of thick wool socks to keep those shoes on your feet.

6. Not realizing that sale items can still add up very quickly.

The store was having such a great sale that you grabbed a basket and filled it up. You didn’t bother to keep a tally in your head because everything was half off so your purchase wouldn’t end up being that much. When the cashier told you your total, you could not believe it, yet you still handed over your credit card.

7. Not looking at your purchase from all angles in the fitting room.

You thought that the dress looked so good in the fitting room. It fights perfectly and it was actually comfortable. You were too busy admiring how good your boobs looked to take a look at the back. It wasn’t until some kind stranger told you that you realized the butt was sheer.

8. Not bothering to look at the care content tag in the store.

The sweater was sooooo soft, you just had to have it. You assumed that it was like all your other sweaters and you could just pop it into the wash. That’s why you were surprised when you took your sweater out of the washing machine and it had shrunk so much it would barely fit a baby. You then looked at the care content tag and realized it was dry clean only. Lesson learned.

9. Thinking that multi-buy deals are the best, regardless of what is in them.

You love sets or multi-buy deals. You get so much value for your money. However, sometimes those deals don’t work out when you get home and realize that you aren’t that big a fan of some of the stuff in the kit. You like two or three things, that is okay, and you might use that, but that is horrendous and you aren’t even going to comment on that thing over there.

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