Shopping Guide: How To Wear Pastels For Fall

It’s a common misconception that pastels are supposed to be strictly reserved for springtime. I’m sure it has something to do with Easter, but, quite frankly, the only thing I strongly associate with that time of year is chocolate and bunnies. Then again, I don’t celebrate Easter. I do, however, celebrate pastels, and as such, don’t accept the fashion rule that they can only be worn during a certain time of year. Pastels can totally work for fall—you just have to find the right pieces!

Here are 12 pieces that prove that you still wear pastels in the fall (and celebrate being alive with chocolate and bunnies, too):

1. Back In A Minute Beige Maxi Skirt (Lulu*s, $139)

back in a minute beige skirt

Maxi skirts are perfect for fall! It’s still warm during the first few weeks (which, you know, we’re still within), and you can wear them with t-shirts, loose-fitting sweaters, and ankle boots or flats! Plus, this pastel is a pretty great neutral.

2. BDG Jordan V-Neck Sweater (Urban Outfitters, $59)

bdg jordan vneck sweater

Does this not look like your new go-to cozy sweater for Monday mornings when you don’t want to actually get dressed for work? Just remember to maybe put on pants before you leave for the office. Unless you have a really relaxed dress code. Honestly, I don’t know your life.

3. Longline Draped Open-Front Jacket (Forever 21, $49.90)

longline draped open jacket

Fall coats can be so versatile! You don’t necessarily need to break out the heavy peacoats or leather jackets immediately, and this linen one is breezy enough for the high-60′s weather that often comes with early fall.

4. ASOS EDENVILLE Lace Up Shoe Boots (ASOS, $63)

edenville lace up boots

I’m going, to be honest here: These were Jillian’s picks. Please direct any of your questions or concerns regarding these SATIN LACE-UP SHOES to her.

5. Fine-Knit Cardigan (H&M, $12.99)

How To Wear Pastels For Fall: fine-knit cardigan

I love cardigans, mostly because they make my uniform of t-shirts and jeans work- and weather-appropriate. This mint-colored one is a fun alternative to basic black cotton.

6. Block Heel Court Shoes (Missguided, $20.40)

block heel court shoe

Okay, I actually do love these, and I also love suede for fall, so these are a win-win!

7. MOTO Blue Cord Borg Western Jacket (Topshop, $110)

moto blue jacket

The shearling on this coat elevates it, making it more than just another pastel coat. Plus, the corduroy will keep you warm when you need it to.

8. Streamline of Consciousness Coat (ModCloth, $169.99)

streamline of consciousness coat

This is for later on in the season, but this shape is actually beautiful. This is the kind of coat that’s an outfit on its own, and the color is just a little bit perfect.

9. LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection Leather Crossbody Bag (Kohl’s, $161.40)

LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection Leather Crossbody Bag

You knew you weren’t going to be able to get through a pastel shopping guide without something from Lauren Conrad‘s runway collection.

10. Pastel Pink Statement Necklace (Simply Be, $9.95)

Pastel Pink Statement Necklace

So, if pastel isn’t your thing (which is totally fine!), but you want to cash in on the trend, a statement necklace is probably the best way to do it. This is a more neutral statement necklace, which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want something too showy.

11. Mossimo Mid-Rise Cropped Jean Legging (Target, $27.99)

mid rise cropped jegging

Just imagine these with a chunky knit black sweater and loafers, and you’ll see why these are so great.

12. Holly Fringe Trim Patent Loafer (Boohoo, $44)

fringe patent loafer

If you’re feeling extra pastel-friendly, you can pair these flats with the aforementioned pink cropped pants and a black sweater.

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