How to buy clothes and shoes in online stores

Many people do not have time to go to shopping centers in search of the right thing. The study, work, and the road eat up all the working time. Only the night remains free, which is the best suited for viewing catalogs in online stores, because they work around the clock, without lunch and weekends. If you’ve decided to join the army of millions of online shoppers, our practical advice will come in handy.

Advantages of online stores

  1. Buying clothes and shoes in online stores is not only convenient but also profitable. Due to the lack of rent of retail space, salaries to sales assistants and a number of other obligatory expenses that are present in any shopping center, all goods in them are cheaper.
  2. The second indisputable advantage will be time-saving. You can browse the assortment of several online stores in a couple of hours while visiting the same number of stationary boutiques will take several days. If you are looking for shoes online Australia, you can buy it in simple clicks.
  3. They have a much richer assortment, you can find the latest collections. Again, do not forget about regular promotions, discounts, and promotional codes.
  4. Another plus is delivery. You receive the ordered goods when it is convenient for you and where it is convenient: at the post office, at the point of issue, or at home with a courier.

Disadvantages of online stores

The main disadvantage of online shopping is that you cannot try on the item you like, feel it, evaluate the style, quality of the material, and tailoring. However, these pitfalls can be overcome without loss if you know some of the intricacies of online shopping.

Algorithm for buying goods in an online store

In fact, it is the only one for any domestic store, whether it is buying sponges for washing dishes or an iPhone 7.

Site selection – registration – product selection – size selection (complete set) – adding goods to the basket – placing an order – waiting for delivery – delivery – payment.

Store reputation

Do not rush to immediately pay for the product you like. In order not to lose your money or not to get a shapeless bag instead of an elegant dress, you must first make sure that the online seller is honest. To get an idea of ​​the online store in which you decide to place an order, you will have to spend time and effort. First, read the reviews, but not on the site itself, but on independent resources. After all, if we suspect the seller of dishonorable trade, then he may be dishonorable in everything. Then check the blacklisted store on the internet. Contact the manager, find out the conditions of purchase, ask about the product, certificates, and quality assurance. Another important part of a store’s reputation is their values. Finding eco-friendly brands that have things like sustainable sneakers or upcycled materials is key to shopping mindfully. The more details you know, the more reliable the purchase will be.

Payment and delivery

Although each online store has its own terms of payment and delivery, on all domestic resources they differ little from each other. There are traditional payment methods: prepayment in cash, by bank card, bank transfer, through electronic payment systems. Payment in cash to the courier or at the post office upon receipt of the parcel (cash on delivery).

Delivery of the order is also carried out in different ways: by courier, pickup from the point of issue, delivery by mail. If delivery is paid, and you buy one inexpensive item, then it can be up to 30% of the cost of the purchased item. Therefore, it will be more profitable to buy several things. Regarding online clothing stores, there is a clear relationship: expensive items – free shipping, cheap items – paid delivery. Therefore, carefully read the terms of delivery on the site, consider the costs and look for the most profitable options.

The method of delivery and payment in all online stores is chosen by the buyer. You can pick up your purchase at the company’s office or at the point of the issue – both of these options do not involve payment for delivery. The most expensive is courier delivery to your home, but if the courier arrives at one of the central metro stations, then you will pay much less. All of the options listed above are available only to residents of large cities, and everyone else will have to be content with delivery by mail.

The bottom line

Be sure to master the purchase of clothes and shoes in online stores. Even if at first you run into difficulties and you have a couple of unsuccessful purchases. Over time, you will gain experience and confidence, find the “right” sites, fall in love with promotions and promotional codes, and perhaps be carried away by joint purchases. Very soon you will see that online shopping helps to save money and time, and you will be surprised to remember those times when you could spend several days looking for the right thing in shopping centers.

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