Ok, the holiday season is over, and you notice your girlfriend isn’t wearing the oversized sweater that you bought for her or the designer pants that cost you a bundle. Maybe it’s because you got the size incredibly wrong, or perhaps you whiffed the ball completely. If you want to be a fantastic gift giver stick to these principles so that you hit the ball out of the park every time.

Women aren’t like guys, a gift card simply won’t cut it, and as much as you hear the cliche “it’s the thought that counts,” don’t you dare believe it. Women give off subtle signs of things that they desire, and it is up to you to figure it out. However, if you have no clue, here are some ways for you to cheat the system.

Best Gift Ideas for Women 2018
Best Gift Ideas for Women

One Size Fits All

If you are starting off in a relationship or have been together for a while, one thing remains the same. Accessories will always be a home run. Jewelry, purses, scarves, and items where size does not matter will always be great gifts if they are quality and well made. Why spend $200 on a pair of pants that you are unsure if they actually fit her or if they are even her style when you can buy a necklace for the same price that will leave her smiling from ear to ear.

If you must buy something in her size but are unsure ALWAYS defer to the smaller size. There are several things that will set off an insecurity firestorm, and clothing that is too large is one of the colossal mistakes that set it off. In her eyes, you are insinuating that she has gotten bigger and we all know where that leads. Save yourself from all of that grief and stick to “One Size Fits All” until you are certain about her size.

The Fake Out

Women love to be surprised, but they conversely think that all men are the same. The stereotype for men is they do not listen, and that they forget important events in a woman’s life. This is exactly what makes Plutocrats like yourself different, and a tremendous cut above the competition.

Playing upon the stereotypical male that is unprepared, absent-minded, and thoughtless will set her up for the ultimate surprise that may even bring her to tears. All you have to do is act like you forgot about an event, or holiday then strategically reveal your actual well-thought-out present after she is visibly upset. Sometimes women need to be reminded of the type of man they are dealing with and the real present you give her will show her that you are not the type of mediocre man that would think the “gag gift” is acceptable.

The Experience

After you have mastered the first two steps, you are ready for the big leagues. Soon the “One Size Fits All” and “The Fake Out” won’t be challenging enough for you, due to your increased gift-giving talent. Luckily, “The Experience” is here for you advanced students. “The Experience” method is not just one gift; in fact, it is a barrage of sentimental gifts that lead to a significant area. This could be your first date, a place you both have not been in a while, or somewhere that is personally significant to her.

Beware; this is not for the careless gift giver, because all facets of this gift have to be very specific and meaningful. The best way to set yourself up for success is to keep things from past dates and remember key events so that you can use them as resources for The Experience. An example would be cooking/catering her favorite dish for dinner, giving her the movie stub from the first date you when to, and then surprising her with a trip to her childhood ice cream shop that she told you about many months ago.

These are things dreams are made of and present a Plutocrat is capable of. Who knows you may be handsomely rewarded for your endeavors.

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