As strange as it may sound, your love for fashion can really make you extra money. I found it weird at first when I heard about this until I explored it further and realized it’s actually possible.

This is especially for those who love fashion so much they always love shopping for the best clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories. For such people, you can now get paid to shop and explore as many fashion items and accessories as you want.

Getting paid to shop

Yes, getting paid to shop is a thing now that many fashion lovers are taking advantage of. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting method, how it works and how you can get involved.

Getting paid to shop – what it means and the options available to you

Getting paid to just shop simply means being rewarded to shop for specific items or for purchasing products in a specific store.

There are many ways you can get rewarded for doing what you already love doing. Just like one can get paid to take feet pictures, people are also getting paid for shopping.

As for how to get paid for feet pictures, you can read about how it works here. It has nothing to do with nudity and is usually done solely online.

As for how to get paid to shop, some of the ways include simply using coupons when you go out shopping, scanning barcodes or receipts, sharing your feedback with research companies, shopping with specific search engines, playing raffle draws or sweepstakes, etc.

Yes, you can get paid just sharing your feedback with research companies. Many such companies and brands pay shoppers for their feedback. The feedback, in turn, helps the companies make better decisions that improve their products and profit.

This type of shopping is also known as “mystery shopping”. You are hired to do mystery shopping by companies that want to get more information or feedback about their products or services.

Business owners employ research companies to hire people like you on their behalf, to mystery shop for them. You provide your feedback in the form of reporting what you experience during the shopping experience.

Mystery shopping – what it means

Mystery shopping is simply a system of shopping where you pose as a regular customer to fashion outlet, restaurant, hotel, airline, movie theatre, bank, etc.

Apart from just your feedback on the items you buy, you may be required to observe how the customer service team or staffs attend to customers, how clean the place is, the quality of the items you buy, the quality of the service you receive, the price, the satisfaction of customers, etc.

You may also need to make purchases of the items you are interested in, take part in any of the different sweepstakes that may be available, queue to get some service, etc.

When you mystery shop, you may also be required to report all that you see or experience.

In some cases, the research company may provide you with an assignment and the parameters you should concentrate on.

For example, you may be asked to find out what color of tickets are issued at movie theatre entrances, how the staff attended to you during your shopping or even the quality of a specific item you bought.

After completing your assignment, you can then describe your experience in a report and forward it back to the mystery shopping company within a specific timeframe – usually within 24 hours, to get paid.

As a mystery shopper, you work ‘undercover’ but do what regular customers do. As someone who loves fashion, you get to even test and buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.

And in many cases, you even get reimbursed for items you buy while mystery shopping. Yes, you also get to keep some of the items you buy!

Talk about having the best of both worlds, right?

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