If you love retail therapy, there are few places on earth as exciting to visit as Singapore. This huge city is a cultural hub, which means that there are so many amazing places to shop ‘til you drop when you visit! If you are planning a trip to Singapore, this guide will help you to plan out the perfect shopping day, or even a shopping week!

There are various shopping street locations all over the city, as well as craft and flea markets galore. There are so many ways to enjoy shopping here that the only thing you will need to worry about is having enough room in your bags to take all of your treasures home with you!

Everything to Know About Shopping in Singapore

From high-class to welcoming and local, there is a shopping opportunity for everyone in Singapore. We will talk about the various kinds of shopping that this multicultural city has to offer to those who are visiting from all over the world. You should have no trouble navigating to any of these shopping outlets as many of them are quite well known. Singapore is a large city, but it is easy to find things and locals are always willing to help you to track down the event or site of interest that you want to see.

Malls and Shopping Centers

·        Jewel Changi

In the discussion of malls and shopping outlets, the very top of the list of places to visit has to be the Jewel Changi. This mall is the home of the very famous Rain Vortex indoor waterfall, and there are also carefully maintained “forests” throughout the center of the mall that will make you feel like you have been transported to another world.

This mall also offers you access to various luxury brand outlets and large anchor stores for your shopping enjoyment. There is also a cool Pokémon Centre to shop at, as well as a Coach store and local favorite Furla.

·        Ngee Ann City

The star of the show at this large shopping outlet is the Takashimaya store. The department store takes up a huge portion of the total square footage of this mall and sells everything from home goods to household items to clothing and souvenirs.

There is also a basement devoted to food here, which is so much more impressive than the food court at most other malls all around the world. The vendors here will even offer you samples so that you can try out their wares before you decide to eat there.

Malls and Shopping Centers
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Shopping Streets

Shopping streets are the heart of Singapore’s shopping culture and they are usually the most popular place for tourists to head to look for things to buy. Shopping is affordable here and there are also food vendors mixed in with the other stalls which can be very convenient.

·        Haji Lane

One of the most famous places to head for access to a street selling environment, this huge shopping street is located in Kampong Glam. The street offers access to boutique shops during the day and at night you will be more likely to see bars, food vendors, and even local restaurants offering their wares to those passing by. The hours of this shopping street are 11:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night, so you should have no trouble making it here to shop during your stay in Singapore.

·        Bugis Street

Once part of the red light district, this shopping street is one of the most popular in Singapore. This is one of the cheapest places to shop in Singapore without sacrificing quality. There are also brick-and-mortar stores and eateries in the area if you want to enjoy both kinds of experience while you are in the area. Come here for affordable, high-quality clothing and a full, immersive experience.

If you are also a foodie looking to explore food options in bugis, here is the best food guide in Bugis.

What you need to know about shopping in Singapore
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Flea Markets

Most of the flea markets in Singapore do not have a permanent home and might only show up during holidays or festival periods. You will need to check the local schedule for these markets or ask hotel staff if they know which markets are currently set up and active.

·        Kampong Gelam Bazaar

This event happens in Kampong Glam, which is the Muslim quarter of the city. There are 126 halal booths and food offerings here as well as art and some scheduled shows. This takes place between March 2nd and April 5th each year. This is a very popular event and one that you should make time for if you are lucky enough to be in the city when it is going on.

·        Katong Lifestyle & Vintage Market

This event often takes place throughout April and offers lots of vintage sellers as well as many cool finds in all kinds of categories. People often see luxury items like handbags on offer here as well as retro fashion shops, memorabilia, and even watches and jewelry. You will want to plan the larger portion of a day here so that you have time to check out all of the hidden treasures on offer.

Katong Lifestyle & Vintage Market
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Singapore is Ideal for all Kinds of Shopping

There are so many kinds of retail experiences on offer in Singapore. This city is known for being a cultural hub as well as a place where many different groups of people meet and meld together. You will be able to buy and interact with food and wares from all over the world in this amazing city. No matter what part of the city you have chosen to call home during your stay, you will be able to find these shopping locations with ease.

Even if your only goal is to visit and enjoy the ambiance of the shopping experiences on offer in this melting-pot city, you will not be let down by any of these shopping locations. There is something for everyone on offer here in Singapore and you will have an amazing time enjoying everything that this place has to offer during your visit.

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