What better way to promote your business and keep your name on the lips of your customers and potential customers than corporate t-shirt printing? The shirts are so budget-oriented that you can afford to do a batch for different occasions or holiday sales you may be running. Have your employees wear them at work and hand them out or mail them to your best customers. They will appreciate the unexpected gift and help you promote your business painlessly when they wear the shirt.

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If you are having a company team building or corporate retreat, promote it on a special t-shirt. Are you having a holiday sale at your business? Print up an ad in the form of a cheap printed t-shirt! If the design is clever enough, people will wear it post-holiday as well. Did your business just win an award for excellence? Tout it on a batch of shirts for you, your family, and employees. These budget-conscious shirts are cheap enough that high-value customers and employees can collect a whole set.

Another successful business promotional strategy for your corporate printed t-shirt design or saying is to tie in with a current news item. Yes, it will make the shirt dated, but also make it even more collectible. People will wear it the first time because it is so current, then wear it in the future for its nostalgia value. This is an advert that keeps on performing. It will get people on the street talking – and noticing your business.

If your biz is large enough, make up a batch of an employee of the month or employee birthday shirts. Reward your employees and promote your business at the same time, with cheap corporate t-shirt printing!

Visit the Global Asia Printings website at Globalasiaprintings.com for more clever ideas and take a look at their best t-shirt printing services library. Pick out a blank t-shirt or Gildan Hoodie or Polo T for your order. It’s easy to design your own printed tees online to promote your business!

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They don’t just do one-offs. Global Asia Printings Singapore works with schools, colleges, universities, clubs, charities, and businesses to help with orders of just about any size. If you need help with putting together a bunch of leavers hoodies or workwear, then just give the customer service team a call and let them take the leg work out of it for you.

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Make Your Team The Best by Corporate T-shirt Printing

Corporate t-shirt printing is an amazing way to promote any organization you represent. School sports teams, bands, and non-profit organizations all benefit from the kind of printing services that Global Asia Printings have to offer. Easy-to-use software allows you to put printing on t-shirts in just a short amount of time, instantly customizing t-shirts that will promote the good name of your organization in a creative and personalized way.

Printing t-shirts using the software puts you in complete control of every step in the creative process. You’re able to select sizes, colors, styles, and lettering that perfectly reflects the message you want to present to the public. Pictures can be uploaded instantly, and you’re in total control of placement on the shirt, front and back. It’s an amazingly fun and easy way to put printing on t-shirts that will get your organization the attention it deserves.

Schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, bands, and many other organizations take advantage of the best t-shirt printing services Singapore every day, and the amount of attention it gains for them is hard to believe until you see it in action.

Global Asia Printings offer men and women’s shirts in all popular styles: Hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and polo shirts. These popular styles will be a real hit with all of your public and will help you to gain more recognition from the people that can truly help your organization. They’re also a great way to build team spirit for school athletic teams. There is an enormous amount of pride for children and teenagers that belong to an organization; corporate t-shirt printing helps to create a shirt that they can display proudly to members of the family and their friends. It makes them part of something bigger.

If you’re ready to get started, you can learn more about all of the great shirt designs at the Global Asia Printings website. They look forward to helping you create the best t-shirt printing services in Singapore.

Make Your Company Stand Out With Corporate T-shirt Printing

Make Your Company Stand Out With Corporate T-shirt Printing

When you’re looking for the perfect way to advertise your business, there’s no better way to send a message than through a corporate t-shirt printing. T-shirts are one of the most effective promotional products that a business can offer. For many years, logos have been splashed across the chests of many a business’ supporter, creating a walking advertisement and garnering support for the products or services that the business offers. From huge national brands to Fred-in-the-shed establishments, shrewd business owners have been depending on the popularity of t-shirts for years.

The first step in creating your successful t-shirt advertisement is to choose a reputable t-shirt printing services. Many companies offer custom corporate t-shirt printing, although few can deliver the quality and affordability that will make your t-shirt project a success. Look for a company that has experience in custom t-shirt printing and specializes in working with small businesses for their promotional product needs.

Choosing a design for your custom t-shirt printing is the next step in the design process. Although it may be tempting to design a t-shirt that contains a lot of colors or intricate designs, try to keep the design simple and easily read from a distance. Try using your company’s logo or slogan in a few basic colors. Be sure to add your company’s contact information on the back of the shirt.

Finally, make sure to order enough shirts to give to your existing and potential customers. Order extras for events such as product launches, trade shows, and special sales or promotions. While it may seem economical to order fewer shirts, it is often more cost-effective to order larger quantities to save on set-up charges and shipping costs.

To make your business stand out above the crowd, corporate t-shirt printing is the way to go. Everyone loves getting something for free, so go ahead and pass out your brand new, custom-designed t-shirt and watch your sales shoot through the roof.


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