Demi Made is a leading platform for quality custom products. Demi Made’s technology enables you to create and offer a wide range of unique products for customers worldwide. Their rapidly expanding custom gifts and shirts base covers many topics. It includes a Custom Birthday Shirt, First Birthday Shirt, Bridal party T-shirts, in addition to a variety of custom gifts.

Bachelorette Party T-shirts


Personalize clothing for yourself and for everyone you has hundreds of designs for a vast range of custom apparel options, including t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, and even custom Faith Cross T-shirts.

Made for all ages and sizes, Demi Made has custom clothing for almost every personality or occasion. You can have your chosen designs embroidered or printed on your choice of different colors and styles of apparel, or create your unique clothing designs and have them made just for you in only 24 hours. Upload and order your artwork in minutes, or customize an existing design for clothing, and you’ll have a unique gift for anyone.

Looking for quality t-shirts, cups, or home decor that you can personalize? has what you need! You can create custom apparel for men, women, or children. Upload pictures and designs and have them printed on your clothes, or choose from a wide range of options already available on their website.

We believe custom-made products should be as good as or better than what you could ever find in a store. That’s why the company has spent time inventing and testing the best on-demand manufacturing technology to bring you high-quality products made just for you.

Demi Made’s digital printing system allows for an unlimited number of colors that won’t fade on any fabric. For screen printing, you may use up to 8 colors per design. However, fewer colors mean fewer costs. Use the color filter to make your design less expensive. The embroidery digitization software can reproduce any image using up to 17 different shades of thread.

They also offer screen printing on dark apparel as well. The dark apparel printing process allows printing directly on these fabrics with millions of vibrant colors. And the quality is amazing. With, customization is only a few clicks away!


Demi Made has accessories for every outfit. Choose your favorite fashion accent from a huge selection of bags, hats, ties, and keychains in the marketplace, or make a statement with your own unique accessory design. Can’t find anything to go with your favorite outfit? Make a custom accessory to match any pattern or design, and then have it made just for you! Printed in unlimited colors, accessories will look great with whatever you wear. Upload your pictures and add text to be printed on a tie or button, or have your custom tote bag or hat embroidered exactly how you want it. Demi Made has fashion accessories for everyone, so get your custom accessories today!

Home and Office Products

Create your own office or home décor! has a huge range of custom office and home products to match your professional style. Fill your home or office with unique products from the marketplace, or use your favorite photos and artwork to design business cards, calendars, mousepads, binders, labels, and more! Demi Made’s custom office and home gifts are not only great for decorating, but they also keep you organized in style. Printed in full-color, custom home products are a vibrant and unique way to brighten up your living space and let your personality shine through. Like most products, a majority of custom gifts are printed in just 24 hours, so order yours today!

Art Prints & Posters

Make your own work of art. There is a vast selection of beautiful artwork for all of your family and friends. Personalize one of the great designs made by artists, upload your photos and art images, and make them into posters and prints of all sizes. Add a special message to your custom art, and you’ll have a masterpiece that your loved ones will adore forever. An exceptional decoration for any home or office, all custom posters, and prints are also available with framing and matting.

Affordable Custom Gifts

Unique Gifts

Give love. Give funny. Give memories. With, you’re not just giving an ordinary gift; you’re giving a cherished piece of yourself. Whether you create your own or personalize one of the hundreds of designs, you’ll give a personal gift they’ll love. This year, give thoughtfully. Find great ideas for back-to-school teacher gifts ideas at

Affordable Wedding T-Shirts

Wedding T-Shirts are one of the newest bridal t-shirt ideas and are definitely a creative one. White dresses and fine roses aren’t all that weddings are about, and wedding t-shirts are ushering in this new attitude toward formalized nuptials.

Wedding t-shirts can come personalized with any medium and any materials, in any size you can think of. Airbrushed, rhinestone, embroidered, screen printed—you name it, wedding t-shirts can bear it.

Imagine an adorable set of Bridal T-Shirts, perhaps with BRIDE and GROOM stenciled across the front, maybe even a cute little saying on the back for the attendees to read while the bride and groom stand on the altar. With personalized wedding t-shirts for your wedding, the possibilities are positively endless.

Love, happiness, memories, emotions – a wedding harbors all these glorious feelings and many more. Why not make this day even more special? With so much planning and preparation left to do, what else can you possibly do to add to the fun on this day?

Wedding t-shirts are a new and different approach people are adopting for weddings these days. Buying affordable wedding t-shirts for bridal is a great way to make people chuckle and have more fun on a wedding day. They can also be a great reminder for the upcoming bridal party. The good thing about having wedding t-shirts is that they are a constant reminder for all the upcoming wedding ceremonies. Other than that, they are well worth the time and effort you’re investing in making sure that your wedding turns out to be the perfect occasion you intend it to be.

Weddings tend to get very serious and emotional. Adding a bit of fun to the environment will help everyone relax and enjoy the entire process, especially in the case of the bride. If you’re a bride-to-be, you’re certainly well aware of the responsibilities a bride has on her shoulders. Right from the planning of the wedding and up to the wedding day itself, you’ll be the main person ensuring that everything is going on according to plan. Getting some nice wedding t-shirts for yourself and everyone involved will be a great way to shed off the stress. It will also put some fun into the entire planning and preparation process. Get some affordable wedding t-shirts to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Wedding t-shirts can be generic or custom-made to match the wedding theme. A fun way to utilize them will be at bachelorette and bachelor parties, where everyone can be dressed in them. It will be a good idea to have each t-shirt tagged with the wearer’s role at the wedding. For instance, “The Bride” tags for the bride, “The Bridesmaid” for each of the bridesmaids, and so on. Another great idea will be to use them at rehearsal dinners, provided they are to be informal events. The bride and bridegroom can also decide to have them specifically for their honeymoon.

Affordable Wedding T-Shirts

You can find affordable wedding t-shirts for Bridals at You can also place t-shirt orders ahead of time. This way, you can make sure that the t-shirts are available right when you want them.

Whether you’re a bride preparing for a wedding, or a wedding attendee looking for a perfect gift for the bride, bridegroom, and family, consider getting affordable wedding t-shirts. Rest assured, they are sure to make the wedding extra special and more memorable.

Bridal Party T-Shirts For A Special Day

Bridal T-Shirts are a fun, innovative idea that brings all of the attention to the bride, as she deserves. It is hard work being a bride, and bridal t-shirts give her all the credit she deserves, complete with special sayings, slogans, quotes, or just the word BRIDE across the front of it. Bridal t-shirts can be ordered as a personalized masterpiece, with every little detail planned out and ordered specially for any one of many bridal affairs.

Bridal T-Shirts are great for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, engagement parties, and other events where the mood is casual, but the bride still wants to put on her special shine. Order bridal t-shirts in any size, style, custom-fitted, and designed to make your bridal affair truly a thing to remember.

If you want to create a bridal event to remember, check out the custom Bridal Party T-shirts available at today, and see what creative and cute designs you can come up with.

Bridal Party T-Shirts For A Special Day

Everyone expects the bride to look gorgeous on her special day. Her dress is picked out, tailored for a perfect fit, her hair weaved with beautiful flowers, hands manicured to perfection, her makeup flawless, creating an all-around perfect look. She prepared for months for her big day, fussing over the colors, the location, and the decorations.

All the while, her attendants fuss with her and over her, helping to make everything perfect. The bridal party goes practically unnoticed until the day of the wedding in most cases., however, changing the trends with a new fashion idea, sure to please everyone’s style. These adorable Bridal Party T-Shirts tell the world that each member of the bridal party is as responsible for making the wedding day magical, as the bride and groom themselves.

These Bridal Party T-Shirts are a one-of-a-kind way to say “thank you” to everyone involved in making your day perfect, long before the rehearsal dinner. These flattering bridal party t-shirts announce to everyone that the person wearing it has a very special part in your exciting day.

Demi Made has many pre-designed t-shirts that let others know your title or announce that you are on their team. Or you may also have something else in mind. These fun bridal party shirts sparkle and shine, whether you are out on the dance floor, or having fun in the sun. There’s no better way to bring together your entire bridal party than with bridal party t-shirts. They are fun, glamorous, cute, and fit everyone’s personality.

Aside from being fun, bridal party custom t-shirts are made using high-quality garments. These 100 percent cotton shirts are guaranteed to provide lasting comfort and vibrant color for years to come.

While we are sure you will find something here for each of your Bridal Party members, please don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t see what it is you are looking for. If you have other needs, Demi Made’s friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Bachelorette Party T-Shirts

Bachelorette Party T-Shirts

Bachelorette party t-shirts can be a way to encourage female bonding on a night meant for lots of good old-fashioned fun and maybe a little naughtiness too! Whether you decide to go with a simple phrase or decide to indulge the bride-to-be’s unconventional nature and go with something racier in nature, make sure that the words are memorable and will serve as a way to always look back with fondness on a special night out with the girls.

Regardless of whether you are a small, medium, or large size, there are bachelorette party t-shirts to fit everyone in the bridal party. Colors are not a problem either. If the maid of honor likes to be pretty in pink and the bridesmaids are more partial to baby blue, then everyone can choose a t-shirt in the color that suits them best. For the bride, traditional white is always a good fit.

Find customized t-shirts for weddings here or get a custom quote if you don’t find a design suitable for you.

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