We all get older, and as we do, our physical changes often require adjustments to our wardrobe.

Common physical changes include less activity, loss of strength and flexibility, weight, and circulatory problems. Clothing that is soft, comfortable, and affordable is always appreciated by older people.

Adaptive Clothing Guide: What is Adaptive Clothing or Adaptive Apparel?
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Everyday clothing is not suited for those with Arthritis, disabilities, or the need for medical apparatus such as feeding tubes or braces. When someone has experienced a stroke and is paralyzed, the act of getting dressed can be a painful ordeal, both physically and emotionally.

Gloriiluxe Adaptive provides clothing that has back snap closures so that both the patient and the caregiver have an easier time with dressing.

Searching for Adaptive Clothing

Do you help a parent or spouse with a disability to dress and undress and find it difficult to get regular clothes on?

Are dressing and undressing causing skin tears, pain or discomfort, or difficulty to fit medical or hygiene accessories?

Gloriiluxe adaptive clothing makes dressing and undressing easier and less painful for you and your loved one.

You no longer have to bend arms that won’t bend, force neck holes over the head, or twist shoulders to get arms into sleeves, and, because it’s so much easier to dress them, it will make life easier for you by being easy on your back and your conscience!

Does a loved one with dementia remove clothes, incontinence pads, or expose themselves?

It can be upsetting to see the person you love behaving in a way they wouldn’t normally, and it can affect your social life through worrying about them undressing in public.

You can spend a great deal of time redressing them or finding creative ways to keep the clothes on. Gloriiluxe adaptive has ‘dignity outfits’ that are all-in-ones that look like a regular two-piece outfit to maintain dignity. The outfit zips up at the back to minimize the inappropriate removal of clothes or hygiene accessories.

Gloriiluxe Adaptive is an online shop where you will find a vast selection of innovative adaptive clothing specially designed to make dressing easier for the disabled and elderly.

Improve Quality of Life with Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing can make a big difference for those who are struggling with health and mobility issues. Open back shirts and side snap pants make dressing easier for our customers and their caregivers. Wheelchair ponchos provide protection for outings in inclement weather. And velcro fastening slippers and shoes take the frustration out of tying laces for those with limited dexterity. Find all of these products and more at Gloriiluxe Adaptive!

What is Adaptive Clothing or Adaptive Apparel?

What is Adaptive Clothing or Adaptive Apparel?

Adaptive clothing or apparel is a design that changes everyday clothing into styles that are easily worn by people with physical handicaps, various levels of diminished motor skills, or dementias.

Adaptive clothes are designed to meet the needs of people with limited mobility. Any clothing that is designed specifically for disabled seniors, the elderly, and people who need assistance in dressing is considered adaptive.

Adaptive clothes are fitted with special design features like back snap closures, Easy Touch closures, VELCRO® tab closures, magnetic closures, zippers, and elasticized waistbands that replace traditional closures and seams. The adaptive clothing designers utilize these special features to eliminate the pain and frustration of dressing that conventional apparel can cause. Gloriiluxe Adaptive’s fashion brand designers produce comfortable attire that is easy to put on and just as easy to take off.

One of the common misconceptions of adaptive clothing is that it is wheelchair user clothing or only for those with severe disabilities. While this type of apparel is exceptionally beneficial for these people, anyone who has Arthritis, limited dexterity in their hands, Alzheimer’s, incontinence problems, complications from MS /ALS, and even foot problems can enjoy the benefits of dressing in adaptive clothing.

People who are not familiar with adaptive clothing often buy oversize shoes, tops, and pants to assist with dressing difficulties. However, oversized apparel still forces an individual with limited mobility into positions that can cause discomfort and pain. Buying oversized shoes and slippers to accommodate swelling can be especially dangerous as the likelihood of injury from falling increases significantly when people wear shoes that are too long in length.

Gloriiluxe Adaptive strives to educate anyone who may be assisting or caring for a disabled adult, aging parent or caring for a loved one who requires assisted dressing about the benefits of adaptive clothes to help keep dressing dignified and safe.

Is dressing a challenge? Struggle Free Dressing Solutions!

Adaptive clothing glaziers adaptive clothing

Whatever challenges with dressing may arise, Gloriiluxe adaptive’s brand styles can help. Whether you are struggling to manipulate closures on your garments, or it is painful to raise your arms and pull clothes over your head, there are comfortable solutions from head to toe. No one will ever know it is a fashionably designed disability garment for disabled care needs or disabled clothing. Adaptive clothes for seniors and disabled clothing offers self dressing solutions and caregiver assisted dressing solutions. Shopping for home care and nursing home adaptive clothing has never been so easy. Now you can benefit from designers working with caregivers and health care professionals to produce disability products and pattern sizing that is comfortably fashionable.

The Right Solution

Instead of producing adaptive fashion that caters to all needs, Adaptive clothes offer apparel styles designed to meet specific peoples’ special needs. Gloriiluxe makes it easy to find the right apparel to help simplify dressing challenges.

The perfect caregiver’s gift!

Caregivers injure their backs, caring for disabled adults more than workers in any other industry. They are nine times more likely to injure their back compared to the average worker. Many of these injuries occur from strenuous and repetitive weight-bearing when assisting with dressing. Reward the caregivers who are instrumental in the lives of those you love with the gift that will make every day safer and easier. Caring for a loved one shouldn’t be any more challenging than it is.

Adaptive Clothing for the Elderly & Disabled Adults

Looking for a solution to help dress your elderly loved ones, disabled adults, or patients? Adaptive clothing is easy to access clothes for seniors, elderly and disabled adults. Difficulties getting dressed and undressed are common issues as we age or suffer from an ailment – joints get stiffer, mobility and range of motion become limited, and managing closures like zippers and buttons can develop into a real challenge. Anyone who experiences any of these challenges will benefit from adaptive clothing for the elderly and disabled adaptive clothing. Choose Gloriiluxe’s designs and adaptive clothing patterns that are made with seniors in mind!

Gloriiluxe Adaptive also offers apparel designed for the needs of senior patients. View their large selection of fashionably adaptive clothes for nursing home residents and home care, which covers everything from sleepwear, to footwear, to dining room fashion and the best comfortable daytime wear. Adaptive apparel makes daily dressing remarkably easier for both the person being dressed and the person dressing them. Adaptive clothing for seniors combines comfort, style, affordable pricing, and washability.

Shopping for Adaptive Women Clothing & Footwear

Elderly women and women with disabilities can choose to view an expansive catalog of adaptive clothes for women. Snapback under vests, patterned snap-in back house dresses, adaptive tops, accessories, disability pants, and wrap-back skirts with VELCRO® are among the highlights of the collection of adaptive clothes for women. All of Gloriiiluxe-adaptive.com women’s adaptive clothing comes in a variety of colors, adaptive patterns, and fabric selections. In addition, you can select from a broad range of adjustable wide width shoes and slippers.

Shopping for Adaptive Women Clothing & Footwear

Shopping for Men’s Adaptive Clothing & Footwear

Comfortable adaptive men’s clothing is functional and discrete – perfect for elderly men and those who are disabled. Top-selling items from the men’s store include side open pants for Arthritis, wheelchair pants, Alzheimer’s anti-strip jumpsuit, and the Men’s fleece easy access pants. You can also browse a selection of men’s adaptive shoes & slippers.

If you are shopping for Dad, you can rest easy and know that the classic dress shirts and slacks he has always enjoyed are cleverly designed so that no one will ever know the clothes are adaptive.

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