When Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video came out on Dec 2, 1983, no one may have thought it would become one of the most legendary songs ever. It propelled MJ to immense stardom, and people of all ages danced to the song. The trend continues to this day, and the song is still popular.

Another exciting fact about “Thriller” is the fact that not only did it become legendary, but everything from the dancers’ costumes to MJ’s striking red jacket became famous, too. The jacket became an iconic fashion garment. You would have noticed “Thriller” merchandise in many shops if you walked in the market.

MJ’s red jacket with a black border on the edges wasn’t a favorite costume only for grownups but kids, too. The curiosity and love for the attire are still on, and the demand hasn’t diminished.

Where To Find Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket For Kids?

Red leather jacket with black trim and buttons, styled for a boy or man.

Before the internet became popular, not everyone had the chance to buy and wear MJ’s famous red jacket. The merchandise was available only in select cities and towns. So, only people living in those areas were lucky enough because there were many stores that sold the jacket.

But with the boom in online shopping in recent times, fans can now get the famous jacket from several online stores. While some stores sell the jacket in different sizes, others also offer custom-made sizes.

Hence, if you don’t find a suitable size, you can order a custom size from a reliable service provider. Most stores ship the merchandise worldwide, so you can buy from a reliable outlet that offers the best products at the best prices. To do that, you can compare the prices at different places.

Movie Jacket is one of the companies that deal in Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket for kids. It has an online store where you can find different types of costumes from various movies. The company also accepts orders from customers who wish to have custom-made jackets and other costumes.

If you have children and they want a similar MJ jacket, you can contact the person in charge and provide the specifics. They’ll take a look, cut the material to the required size, and make the jacket exactly as requested.

What Materials Are Used For Making Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket For Kids?

Red leather jacket with black stripe on back, modeled by a woman.

The red and black bordered jacket MJ wore is leather. Many fans wanted the jacket to be exactly like the real one. So many of the replicas of the attire were in leather. But later, some companies also started using other materials to make the jacket.

The manufacturers chose other materials because leather is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. So besides leather, you’ll find the Thriller jacket made of faux leather, polyester, and other materials.

The jackets made of other materials look exactly the same, but they feel different and may weigh a little more or less than the original. People usually use the Thriller jackets made of these materials as Halloween costumes or dance costumes.

People wear the more expensive jackets as part of their attire every day or on special occasions. Many others just keep it as memorabilia of MJ or the legendary music video since they cannot get the real one.

Movie Jacket makes handcrafted MJ’s Thriller jacket for kids, and each item becomes a perfect fit for whom it’s made. The company uses leather to make the jacket but may use other materials, too, if customers ask for the same.

How Much Does Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket For Kids Cost?

Red leather jacket with black stripes on the sleeves, styled for a woman.

If you’re looking for an MJ’s Thriller jacket for your kid, you’ll probably want to know its price. The original jacket that MJ wore is worth about $1.8 million, but not to worry because replicas don’t cost that much.

The cost of the jacket for grownups is probably more than the one for kids. The price also depends on the quality of the material, finishing, and brand. So, if you compare the rates at different online stores, you’ll notice that the prices differ.

Custom-made jackets also cost a bit more than ready-made ones since they follow specific requests. Typically, you’ll find Thriller jackets from $30 upwards, depending on the quality. However, you must note that these are for costume wear and made with other materials, not leather.

A genuine leather MJ Thriller jacket costs more. At Movie Jacket, the MJ Thriller jacket starts from $95 and can reach up to $140. Some other brands charge about $99-$179, but they may not offer custom-made items in most cases.

Step into the iconic style of the King of Pop! Shop now for the Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket for Kids, and let your little one steal the spotlight with a timeless fashion statement.

Where Can Kids Wear MJ’s Thriller Jacket?

Red and black leather jacket with zippers and buckles, styled for a man or woman.

There are no rules that say where kids can wear the jacket. It’s an iconic piece of clothing, and as mentioned above, many wear it as a Halloween costume or during dance acts. But kids can wear it wherever and whenever they want.

To get the perfect look, it will be nice if you can get the whole set, including the pants, shoes, and socks. Kids would love that, and if they’re dancers, it will be perfect.

Apart from the red jacket, the other one with yellow and red is also popular. Hence, if your kid is a fan, it’ll be a nice addition to the collection of the MJ memorabilia. Its cost is slightly lower than the iconic one, so you can get both at a fair price.

Is Movie Jacket Reliable?

Close-up of red leather jacket with black zipper and studs, styled for a man or woman.

The company offers high-quality, custom-made items at best prices. Hence, no matter what size you need, they’ll have it ready for you at the designated time.

Service is great, customer support is awesome, and someone is always available to help. Looking at the customer reviews, everyone seems to have a positive opinion about the brand. So, you can place orders for a jacket whenever you need it. All you have to do is provide the details, and it’ll be done.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is coming up, and what better way than to surprise your kid with the MJ Thriller jacket? They’ll be excited and the holiday will be even more fun. The Movie Jacket online store/brand offers excellent deals so you can get a jacket exactly as your kid wants.

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