Shamrock Shirts, Cardigan & St. Patrick's Day Paraphernalia Celebrate Holiday

Shamrock shirts, shamrock socks, a shamrock cardigan, St. Patrick’s day clothing, and gifts add a festive touch to the greenest holiday on our calendar.

The Emerald Isles of Ireland beckon with warm and friendly thoughts of spring. Even people without an Irish cell in their DNA are moved to wear shamrocks and drink green beer.

As the saying goes, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s day, March 17th.

Religion, Food, and Myth of the Irish Holiday

The religious origin of St. Patrick seems to matter little in our secular, intercultural world.

Parades, corned beef, and Irish poetry abound. We can expect endless repetition, as well, of Irish-themed movies on TV, such as those about leprechauns — the famous little people of mythical lore who love gold and play tricks to get and keep it.

Here in the Southland of the USA, Savannah, Georgia, is best known for its St. Patrick’s day parade. New York, Chicago, and other northern cities with large Irish populations set the pace.

If you are longing for shamrock shirts, shamrock socks, and other St. Patrick’s day clothing, Blufashion has a selection for you.

How to Make Your Own Shamrock Cardigan

If you can’t find a shamrock cardigan you like, why not make your own?

Buy an emerald green, white, or off-white cardy and head for a craft store for an iron-on or sew-on applique.

If you are good with acrylic paint, you might stencil or free-hand draw this famous green icon on your sweater. Or you could buy a bunch of discount tees and make shamrock shirts for some of your family and friends.

A stitched-on applique has the advantage of being removable so that you can enjoying wearing your top long after the holiday.

Jewelry, Socks, and Shoe Clips Add Holiday Touch to Your Wardrobe

Here are some other alternatives to shamrock shirts for your Saint Paddy’s ensemble.

Shamrock socks are a low-key — almost invisible way — to celebrate the holiday. If you work in a conservative environment, you can hide your touch o’ the Irish. Yet, if anyone asks why you aren’t celebrating, you can lift your slack legs to reveal the lucky icon.

Shamrock beads, earrings, or a pendant are other splendid ways to add a bit of sparkle to your holiday ensemble.

We’ve been kicking around ways to jazz up diabetic shoes for dressy occasions, but on this occasion, any of us might add a shamrock clip-on or removable sticker to our shoes.

A green or shamrock shoe clip tells the world we’re Irish to our toes — if only for a day.

Party Planning Is Fun With Shamrock-Themed Decorations

Just about any kind of decoration you can wish for is available for your St. Patrick day themed party.

Whether you want fine china or paper doilies, you are sure to find something to decorate your home or your work cubicle or office.

So have a ball and say hello to spring in your Irish finery.

Green clothing, even without an iconic shamrock, is always appropriate for this holiday. So enjoy our selection of holiday-appropriate clothing and fashion. And the luck o’ the Irish to you.

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