With today’s life in the dating world, we find that it isn’t like fifty years ago when women knew what to wear on date night. It has been said that fashion has changed so much in the last few years that we have dozens of choices to choose from when finding what to wear.

Men like different things nowadays as well. They aren’t just into the long skirts and blouses that cover the woman’s body. They have found that they like a woman to wear things that dare the man to want another date. Even though the older men and women still have issues with wearing revealing clothing on a woman, they are slowly getting used to seeing older and younger women in the sexiest outfits they can find.

Finding the perfect outfit to wear means they stop searching and think of what was said on the last date. If they like certain colors, wear that color just to make them feel special. It is all about being yourself when you’re picking what to wear as well. If you like certain styles, wear them. Just make sure you won’t offend the person you are going on a date with.

Colors and styles are the keys to finding the perfect date night outfit. It doesn’t matter the length as long as it looks good and makes you feel great. If you find the right style and color for you, then you go out on the date and get a second date, then you aren’t doing too bad for yourself.

It isn’t what others think of the cut of your clothes when you’re out on a date. It is what they think of you as a person. If they think you’re a great human being and they want to be around you, they will want another date with you. If they don’t think highly of you, then the second date outfit really won’t matter in the end.

Just remember, when you’re out on a date with someone, be yourself. Don’t worry about how you dress as long as you dress like you would for a date any other night. What will matter is what you think of the person and what they think of you. That will be the only way you get the second date.

How to Dress For A Date Night

How to Dress For A Date Night

Select a Short, Sexy Dress

Date night outfits are all about the dresses. Although an alternative might be a dressy top and slacks, I vote for sexy dresses every time. Heading out for date night gives you an excellent opportunity to show your femininity and put together flattering date night outfits to inspire you.

Look for:

  • a short sexy dress
  • Wear your dress above the knee if you have slender legs. If your thighs are big, but your calves are shapely, wear your dress at the knee. If your knees are a problem, wear your dress just below the knee.
  • a dressy style
  • A date night deserves a killer outfit to suit your date type. Don’t wear a dress that you could wear every day.
  • great fabric that feels good next to your skin
  • Silk in satin, crepe de chine, taffeta, or chiffon works nicely for date night dresses. For budget selections, look for polyester or rayon, which mimic silk well at more affordable prices.

Choose a Flattering Dress Color and Style

We all know that basic black has been touted as the perfect date night outfit color for years. Yes, it still works—the little black dress.

However, don’t feel that your dress must be black. Indeed, it should not be black if black isn’t one of your best colors. Remember that with date night dresses, you’re not going to be placing a scarf around your neck to add color and keep the black away from your face as you might do with a work outfit.

If wearing black makes you look ashen, opt for a more flattering color. For example, this Mock neck fitted sweater dress can be worn by someone who looks great in pastels, but it also comes in black.

Selecting a flattering style is as important as selecting a flattering color for your dress. Keep your figure type in mind as you shop for a dress, and make sure that the dress you choose helps give your figure a balanced look by putting the emphasis where you want it and minimizing problem areas of your figure. Consider wearing a dress with a V-neckline because it’s a universally flattering style and gives short women a longer, leaner look.

Smooth and Enhance Your Figure with Undergarments

Although a show of cleavage isn’t appropriate for work attire, it’s perfectly OK to show some cleavage when you’re wearing a sexy date nightdress. How much to show depends upon your own comfort level with displaying your body. If you’re uncomfortable showing any cleavage, that’s perfectly OK too.

If you decide on a low-cut date night dress, you’ll need to make sure that your bra is supportive and also that it doesn’t peep out from the dress anywhere.

Try on the bra you’re planning on wearing with your date night dress well ahead so that you can be sure you have a good fit, support and that your bra straps or other parts of the bra don’t show. Bras such as the Nu Bra are strapless, so you don’t have to worry about underwear straps showing.

Concentrating on areas you want to smooth, select appropriate shapewear. Again, try on any shapewear that you plan on wearing with your sexy date night dress ahead of time to make sure it’s working to show your figure to its best advantage.

Wear Appropriate Jewelry

There are a couple of strategies that work best for date night outfits. One is to let the dress star; the other is to let a special piece of jewelry star.

If you want your dress to be the center of attention, keep jewelry simple, and avoid flashy pieces. If you want your jewelry to be the focal point, select a simple dress so that your jewelry will stand out against the background of the dress.

Little black dresses work well for this look, but you can also select a dress of another color as long as the color of the dress looks great as a background for the jewelry.

Although rings or bracelets may function as focal pieces, the easiest way to create a focal point with jewelry is to wear a statement necklace or brooch. Keep other jewelry simpler so that the piece you want to focus on really stands out. You can create your focal point with either costume jewelry or fine jewelry. Make sure that the jewelry is in proportion to your petite size.

Pendant necklace and chandelier or dangle earrings can help make you look a bit taller. Avoid choker necklaces of any type because they break up the vertical line that petites need to create to look thinner and taller.

Carry an Evening Clutch

When you’ve got a date coming up, that calls for date night dresses, leave the everyday handbag at home and carry an evening clutch. Stylish clutches in various colors come in velvet fabric, mesh, patent, or leather.

Another option, a minaudiere, is a smaller metal version, which may be quite plain or outrageously glitzy. The clutch, such as the one pictured, a Jessica McClintock mirrored minaudiere, would fit the bill.

Whatever type of clutch you select should coordinate well with your dress, but it need not match your shoes. Matching shoes and purses are considering too “matchy-matchy” currently, so mix it up a bit.

Wear High Heels

Wear high heels with your date night outfits, or if you have problems standing or walking in high heels, try kitten heels, which are lower but at least give a little lift. Slender heels such as those on the pictured black sandals add to a taller look.

Shoes may be the same color as your sexy dresses for date night, a coordinating color, a neutral, or metallic. The best choices in evening shoes for petites are

  • pumps with pointed toes
  • shoes with peep-toes
  • high-heeled sandals

Avoid shoes with ankle straps because they cut off the vertical line that you need to look longer. Also, avoid gladiator sandals and wedges – they’re too much shoe for the dressy cocktail party look.

How to Dress For A Date On Winter Night

How to Dress For A Date On Winter Night

Wear a Leather Jacket

Dating doesn’t stop during the winter season. It is essential for one to take care of them in the winter season and make sure that they’re warm and toasty in the chilly season even when on a date. Not to worry though as leather jackets are the best choice to wear over your favorite dress in the winter to ensure that you look sexy and appealing while staying warm and comfortable. Wear a Biker Jacket over your favorite dress and add style and suavity to your outfit with the perfect jacket to match your cute and chic dress.

Outfit Ideas for a Great First Impression

Let’s not pretend. When it comes to party dressing, we want nothing less than a head-turning, super-sexy outfit. What’s the point of getting all glammed up if you’re not going to be the belle of the ball, right? Worry not. We’ve got you covered. We’ve been on the hunt for that #breaktheinternet type of dress, and you won’t be disappointed. Here are 15 exquisite date night dresses you won’t regret buying.

Skater Dress

Skater Dress

Turn heads in this gorgeous skater dress with a sequin embellished top and floaty mesh skirt. Combining comfort with a feminine touch, fashion-forward, it’s easy to see why the skater dresses have become such a famous date night outfit.

Diva Dorm Ruffle-Trim Bodycon Dress

Diva Dorm Ruffle-Trim Bodycon Dress

Make a statement in this teal color bodycon dress from Diva Dorm. Add a splash of color and a touch of glam with a pair of sexy red killer heels. This mini dress features a straight-cut neckline, crepe stretch knit, ruffle pickup trim, back zipper, and a concealed back zipper. The ruffles may seem too little girly for date night outfits, but the open back and flowy skirt add a touch of sex appeal.

Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Looking for a stand-out date night dress? This maxi print dress features shorts lining with zipper closure at the back. Discover fabulous maxi dresses and gorgeous maxi dress ideas to try at Diva Dorm, your home of sexy dress style and inspirations.

Studded Print Bodycon Dress

Studded Print Bodycon Dress

Must have dress! Feel glamorous in this bodycon dress featuring studded front and low V back detail. Add a pair of heels to complete your Saturday night look.

Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are kind of played out for V-day but adding a touch of lace, and a seamed bust feels much more mature than a simple, stretchy dress. The peek-a-boo hem adds some sexiness without feeling like you’re ready for the club.

Sexy and Classy Cutout Long Sleeve Dress

Sexy and Classy Cutout Long Sleeve Dress

If you’re in the mood for a little more high-fashion in your date night dress, add some mesh and a sideboob. The longer length of this dress balances out how much skin is shown from the mesh cutouts.

This long sleeve dress is one of the labels that Diva Dorm carries that’s more on the high-end of the spectrum, which means the quality is much higher. A shawl collar and cutouts seem like they won’t work together, but this dress proves that wrong.

Black Date Night Outfits That Don’t Look Like Everyone Else’s Dresses

Black Date Night Outfits That Don't Look Like Everyone Else's Dresses

As much as you would like to, you can’t possibly buy an entirely new outfit for each date. You need something versatile. What do you reach for? A black dress. There’s a reason that they’re date night outfits. They’re flattering, eternally chic, and you can dress them up with a sparkly necklace and heels or down with flats. They may be versatile, but that doesn’t mean black dresses have to be boring. Instead of choosing the same fitted shift dress everyone will have on, look for one with unique detail, interesting trim of contrasting textures. They’re just as easy to wear. I promise.

Best Spring Date Outfit Ideas

Best Spring Date Outfit Ideas

Ah, the humble midi dress. Often seen as an awkward length and hard to pull off, it’s easily passed up for the midi skirt.

But my friends, I am here to tell you that the midi dress should no longer play second fiddle to the flowy maxi dresses and pencil skirts of yesteryear. Update your wardrobe with this not-quite-long hem, and you will have so much fun with your outfits. And being a shorter girl, I was always told to stay away from this length, but I embrace it. I’m even wearing one today because hell, it’s 65 degrees here, and I deserve to wear a dress, dammit.

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