A growing demand for eco-friendly and ethical fashion has become prevalent within recent years. This is common among everyday wear with consumers wanting to make conscious decisions on the impact they are making through their purchases. This also extends to women’s event wear, such as wedding guest dresses. Consumers are looking for elegant, timeless pieces that allow them to look their best without causing damage to the environment. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices, brands such as Cazinc the Label offer show-stopping pieces without the cost to our society or the environment. The sophisticated options allow women to look and feel their best, from the moment the purchase is made to the second the dress is put on.

With the fashion industry coming under scrutiny in recent years for the damaging effects fast fashion brands are having on the environment, labels are increasingly becoming aware of how they can change their practices to ensure that they do not contribute to this issue. As consumers have become more aware of this, the demand for slow fashion and timeless pieces has risen. This shift in the consumer mindset has prompted the industry to change the way that they operate by reevaluating their processes surrounding sustainability and ethics. With brands becoming more socially and environmentally responsible, consumers are happy to invest more in longlasting pieces as a meaningful addition to their wardrobe.

Taking a strong stand against fast fashion, Cazinc the Label provides women with better quality pieces that last. Instead of following fast-paced trends and offshoring all aspects of the supply chain, Cazinc the Label has localised the process of designing. Designs are carefully crafted to ensure that customers are purchasing timeless pieces instead of buying into rapidly evolving trends. With quality craftsmanship and the usage of good-quality, breathable fabrics, Cazinc the Label consumers can reduce their overall consumption and contribute to a more sustainable and ethical society. Slow fashion brands are also committed to being open and transparent with the supply chain to ensure that partner companies are doing their part to work towards a more sustainable future. Cazinc the Label demands total transparency from every company they work with, and only socially compliant companies are chosen as partners.

Revolutionizing Your Closet

Cazinc the Label offers a point of difference in the women’s event wear sphere by placing an emphasis on ethical production practices. With a commitment to fair labour conditions throughout the supply chain, they ensure that every worker involved is treated to the same calibre of respect. By working with partners who share this commitment, Cazinc the Label ensures that the garments are created under safe and fair working conditions. Full transparency throughout the entire supply chain allows consumers to make informed decisions on how they may choose to spend their money. Not only does this give the consumer the comfort in knowing that their pieces were crafted ethically, but it is paving the way for the future of fashion standards.

Along with promoting ethical working conditions, sustainability is also at the forefront of Cazinc the Label’s values. With the careful selection of styles that last the test of time as well as sourcing quality fabrics, shoppers can rest-assured knowing that they are not contributing to yet another fast fashion brand. Opting for practices such as using the complete roll of fabric instead of selecting the units required when cutting garments ensures that there is no wastage. Cazinc the Label further minimises waste by encouraging and inspiring customers to consider the environment when purchasing clothing, further reinforcing the eco-friendly approach to fashion.

One notable point of Cazinc the Label’s sustainable and eco-friendly guest wedding dress selection is the transeasonal versatility of the pieces. Instead of following short-lived trends, these carefully thought out designs can be worn for years to come, providing a higher sense of value for customers. By focusing on high quality, long-lasting pieces, Cazinc the Label encourages customers to embrace a conscious commitment to staple wardrobe pieces instead of feeding the fast fashion cycle. The brand advocates for capsule pieces to inspire an innovative approach to wardrobe building.

Cazinc the Label’s commitment to doing good goes beyond their garments. Prior to the 2018 launch, Founder Caz Rowland struggled to find pieces of clothing that were ethical and affordable, as well as suitable for changing body types. By aligning ethical and sustainable values as well as a need for practical yet stylish clothing, Cazinc the Label demonstrates that it is taking a forward-thinking and innovative approach within the industry. Their dedication to providing timeless pieces without causing harm to the environment inspires women to be a cause for positive change whilst looking and feeling their best.

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