5 Reasons Why Cashmere is Suitable for Winter

Cashmere is a beautiful and soft yarn that is harvested from the undercoat of a cashmere goat during spring, the time when the goats naturally shed. Cashmere can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Some of the best quality cashmere is from Mongolia and China, regions where temperatures fluctuate from extremely cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer. Cashmere goats have adapted to these extreme temperatures by developing double fleece.

Double fleece is when the coarse outer later protects the undercoat from water. The undercoat provides warmth as well as insulation from the cold winds. Goats from China and Mongolia have the longest and finest hair, which results in the best yarn. During spring, the herders bring their goats down from the mountains and relieve them of their winter coats, so they are ready for a hot summer.

Once all the yarn has been collected and bundled up, it is sent to yarn factories that clean, spin, and dye the yarn. This yarn is sent to brands and fashion suppliers who use it to knit jumpers, cardigans, sleepwear men’s and women’s sleepwear, gloves, hats, and many other wearables.

Cashmere gives the wearer light, warm, and silky soft feeling. These same properties are also why cashmere is excellent for the summer, as it is a breathable fabric. Taken care of the right way, cashmere will last for years.

Why is cashmere expensive?

Sustainably harvested soft wool is expensive as it is only harvested from cashmere goats once a year. Due to the demand and the ideal conditions for rearing these goats, the price of cashmere is high because quality fashion labels only want to use yarn from Mongolia or China. It takes at least four goats to produce enough yarn for one jumper, and only 600 tons of cashmere is produced annually.

Because it is a rare commodity and a finite resource, cashmere is expensive. If you want to purchase cashmere sweaters and jumpers, make sure you buy from sustainable and cruelty-free brands—the cheaper the cashmere, the less likely it’s from reputable farms in Mongolia.

As a consumer, making the right purchasing choices regarding animal-sourced items helps ensure the small farmers, the goats, and the entire industry is cruelty-free, sustainable, and fair trade.

What’s the difference between wool and cashmere? 

Both cashmere and wool are excellent choices for sleepwear. It all depends on whether you can afford expensive cashmere and what kind of feel you’re going for with your sweaters and sleepwear. Cashmere is the one you need if you want the softest, most delicate, and warmest yarn. Cashmere provides warmth without weight, making it a sought-after type of fabric in knitwear.

Cashmere is also warmer than wool and helps regulate your natural body temperature, which means it keeps you warm but not hot. Cashmere is also a natural absorbent; cashmere sweaters also make for ideal post-workout outerwear because it allows the skin to breathe.

Another excellent characteristic of cashmere is that it does not itch. Wool tends to be prickly, but with cashmere, the fineness of the fiber provides a silky-smooth surface. Cashmere would be an excellent choice to switch to if you often suffer from allergic reactions to synthetic fabric because it does not contain Lanolin, and wool, on the other hand, does.  

Jumpers and sweaters made from cashmere are also light and delicate, owing to the smallest diameter and fineness of cashmere fiber. Did you know that cashmere is softer than silk?

If you’re worried that cashmere will be easily ripped, don’t fret. While soft to the touch, its fibers are also solid and hardwearing. If taken care of the right way and hand-washed, good quality cashmere can last up to ten years.

Here are five reasons to choose quality cashmere for your knit and sleepwear:

quality cashmere for your knit and sleepwear

It adds a touch of luxury to your winter wardrobe.

As the cold season starts, you’ll find an assortment of fabrics for your jumpers and sweaters. Why not spend a little extra on quality cashmere jumpers? It adds luxury to your everyday ensemble while keeping you warm and stylish. 

It is natural and sustainable.

Natural and sustainable fibers are undoubtedly the better option for the planet and you. Some suppliers favor global profit and create cruel and unsustainable practices in the cashmere industry. The best thing to do as a consumer is to make sure when you buy cashmere clothing; you’re buying it from sustainable companies with sustainable and cruelty-free practices. Because cashmere wool is natural, there is also a lower risk of allergies. This is a good option if you often feel prickly and itchy from wearing wool. 

Ultra-soft and breathable

Cashmere keeps you warm and dry. Because of its superior breathability, cashmere gives you coziness and comfort in your winter wear. It’s also luxuriously soft, and it gets more faded with age. The best-selling point of cashmere is that it does not irritate your skin, so wearing it for bedtime will result in a night of comfortable, soft sleep. Even on hot summer nights, cashmere keeps your skin cool too. 


Despite its fine threads, cashmere is durable and can last long. For the price you pay, you must ensure you take care of your cashmere knit and sleepwear to last you through many years. The care guidance for cashmere is simple. Soak your cashmere clothes for a few hours in warm water and detergent. Rinse and air dry. Once that’s done, store it in your wardrobe. If your cashmere clothing mentions that it’s suitable for machine washing, follow the instructions. 

Wear for spring and autumn

Cashmere can also be worn for autumn and spring, adding glam and style to your wardrobe. Cashmere clothing can be found in many colors so that you will be spoilt for choice. The good thing about cashmere is that you can also find it in jacket forms, so a lightweight cashmere jacket for spring is ideal to signify the changing seasons. 

Cashmere isn’t just about style; it is also about sustainability, comfort, and choosing natural fibers over synthetic ones. Cashmere jackets, blouses, jumpers, and cardigans can be used for office wear, date night, and sleepwear. They are timeless in style and quality, making cashmere clothing a staple of a wardrobe. 

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