7 Powerful Reasons to Use Linen Tablecloths in Your Restaurant
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Tablecloths are crucial table accessories that are easy to use, promoting table styling that is both functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Experience why it will be the best table cover decision you make!

1) You can do more with table covers other than covering tables.

Linen table covers come in a variety of different materials, textures, patterns, and colors which means you have tons of design options for each table. Tablecloths can be used as effective room dividers by hanging them from the ceiling or wall mounts or laying them down on the floor to create unique barriers around your seating area. You can even cut table cloths into strips then tie ribbon or rope around them to give your table clothes a “homemade” look.

2) You can create an instant table centerpiece with table clothes.

Tablecloths come in a large variety of sizes and shapes, even ones that perfectly fit over vases, bowls, and other table centerpieces. Lay table covers down on the table surface first then place the base of the centerpiece directly on top to instantly pull together your table setting and make centerpieces appear as if they were meant to be included. This gives customers a more elegant feel while increasing customer satisfaction by making it easier for them to access each dish without catching their sweater or jacket on something sharp.

3) They allow you to change up your decor effortlessly.

Having table cloths readily available allows you to switch up your restaurant’s table decor easily, giving customers the impression that table styling is fresh and new. You can switch up tablecloth colors or patterns depending on your table arrangement to create more colorful table settings for specific holidays, seasons, or events. Simply take down table clothes you aren’t using, wash them then return them to their appropriate spot!

4) Tablecloths are reversible meaning they will last twice as long.

Linen tablecloths are made of high-quality fabrics which means not only do they look great but also allow for more wear and tear over time without showing signs of aging. Since table cloths come in a variety of different styles, materials, and sizes they are designed to be used “either side up” so even if one side of the table cloth gets ruined you can continue to use it on a table by flipping the tablecloth over!

5) They are easy to clean & maintain.

Table covers are the most cost-effective way to cover tables due to their durability and ease of care. Rather than using more expensive table clothes that require dry cleaning or table cloths that need to be wiped down after each use, tablecloths offer more reasonable prices materials for table styling while still providing customers with overall positive experiences in your venue. Simply wipe dirty table covers down with a damp cloth then hang up again to dry!

6) Linen tablecloths add an upscale look without hurting your wallet.

Linen fabrics are traditionally known for being high quality, durable and long-lasting so adding linen table clothes is a stylish table styling trick without spending too much. One tablecloth can last as long as several more expensive table clothes and will give you more flexibility when choosing table cloth colors, designs, and styles.

7) They provide a smart seating option for those on the go.

Table cloths are an easy answer to providing customers with messy free dining experiences without having to constantly stop your restaurant’s service to clean or reset tables. Linen table covers work great at keeping food and drinks off of tabletops while still showcasing table decor and making it easier for customers to eat their meals!

8) Tablecloths make table re-styling clean and easy.

As table covers are made of high-quality fabrics they can be used as a tablecloth or table runner for transitional periods, such as holiday seasons to give your table decor a fresh and new look! Simply switch out table cloths depending on the season then store them away until you’re ready to start over again. This saves you time, money, and energy while also helping ensure that customers see your business as one that is constantly changing and evolving with the times.

9) They provide table coverings where other linen isn’t necessary.

Table clothes not only come in a variety of table sizes but also styles so they allow you to maximize table surfaces without using more tablecloths than you need. Table covers are an ideal table covering choice when you have table decor with specific table shapes, such as round tables or on table centerpieces that don’t require table cloths.

10) They add on to existing table settings without needing extra décor.

Table cloths provide the perfect finishing touches on table settings. Rather than having to buy expensive linen napkins or additional table settings for use during certain seasons, days of the week, or events, table covers allow you to achieve great-looking table decors without having to spend more money! Simply pull out different color linens depending on your theme and look good while doing it!


Table cloths are table covers that provide customers with added table styling options while adding to the overall aesthetic of table settings. Tablecloths come in a variety of colors, textures, and shapes so they allow table decor to be adapted for different seasons, days of the week, or special occasions while still allowing for more table space through flipping table clothes over!

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