Planning your vacation wardrobe has become easier with kaftans returning to popular fashion. It is the perfect outfit to accompany your trip to the beach this summer. The free-flowing kaftan dress exudes luxury and makes the wearer look elegant and stylish. Still not convinced why you should purchase a Kaftan? We’re here to help you decide. 

What are Kaftans?

Kaftans have been around for centuries. However, its rise in popularity is attributed to the attire’s success in winning the hearts of contemporary fashion enthusiasts. French couturiers, including Christian Dior, adapted the kaftan in their collections, further contributing to its fame in fashion. 

Kaftan, a Persian word, finds its origin in Ancient Mesopotamia. The garment is prominent in many Middle Eastern and North African cultures. The dress now comes in different designs and styles, making it easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Getting ready for a day at the beach or heading out to a wedding, the right kaftan dress can spice up your outfit.

Why are kaftans the perfect holiday companion?

Summer vacation is, without a doubt, the best part of one’s year. Organizing the itinerary and curating a fun wardrobe might be the most nerve-wracking things on the travel to-do list. If you haven’t considered adding a kaftan to the mix, here are seven reasons why a kaftan dress is the way to go on your next vacation.

  • The Perfect Beach Companion
  • Effortlessly Chic
  • Quick Cover-up
  • Fun to Style
  • Versatile and Fun
  • Comfortable and Elegant
  • Easy on your pocket

The Perfect Beach Companion

Summers are for beaches, and beaches are for summers. What better way to head out to the ocean than with a kaftan dress made of flowy fabric? As an easy cover-up for your favorite swimwear, kaftans are an ideal choice for your beach wardrobe. If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your beach ensemble, you can explore a wide range of kaftans at the Beach Cafe, where style and comfort blend seamlessly. A kaftan dress can elevate your look, whether lounging on the beach with your girlfriends or walking along the bay in the cool evenings.

Effortlessly Chic

A kaftan dress is as easy to style as it is to wear. The attire has been associated with the rich and elite over the years, and a nice set is sure to turn heads. Beaded, laced or minimal, a kaftan will help you stand out. Being associated with the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and celebrities of the modern day, the kaftan is considered luxurious. The dress exudes sophistication and takes no time to put on. A kaftan helps you look like royalty as you walk by the pool during your summer stay.

Quick Cover-up

Kaftan dresses can be very handy when on vacation. It acts as a quick beach cover-up and can also be worn over any other clothing you have on. A kaftan in your summer bag will make it easy for you to quickly change outfits when you have spilled something on your shirt or ripped it by accident. Kaftans are usually lightweight and can easily fit into your everyday bag. Pair your kaftan with a pretty sunhat, and you are ready to explore your holiday destination.

Fun to Style

Kaftans can be styled easily with the help of a few accessories. Despite being a simple outfit, the attire effortlessly makes a statement. Pair it with your favorite sunglasses or a layered chain, and you are ready to go. A hat or a few bangles can do wonders if you are looking for a more casual outfit. Kaftans look great as they are, but one can always style them to suit the occasion!

Versatile and Fun

Wearing a kaftan to a wedding would have attracted the attention of the fashion police until recently. However, with celebrities donning the outfit to important occasions, the kaftan has moved on from being a casual attire to making appearances at weddings, festivals, and runways. It is that one attire for all your occasions. You can find them in a variety of patterns, including florals, bold prints and minimal styles. 

Be it day or night, kaftans find a way to liven up any look. An embroidered kaftan with an accentuated belt might be the perfect look for the summer wedding you have been waiting for.

Comfortable and Elegant

As comfort takes precedence in everything fashion, kaftan dresses succeed in becoming a staple item in every wardrobe. The loose-fitting garment keeps the wearer both comfortable and glamorous. The attire is ideal for summer as its loose silhouette is perfect in hot climates. 

Kaftan dresses can be made from almost any material, making them an easy addition to your set of holiday outfits. Kaftans are also made of warmer fabrics like wool and fur. The flowy dress can elevate your outfit any day, making you feel confident and bold.

Easy on your Pocket

Swimsuits and bikinis are likely occupying the most space in your suitcase this vacation. However, if you are looking to save a few bucks on your vacation outfit, kaftans are a great choice. They can be found in all sizes and designs, helping you find one that suits your requirements. One can purchase kaftans online or at designer boutiques that specialize in creating them. The versatility of the attire makes it cost-effective and worth its price. 

A little flair for summer vacation

Call it exotic or bohemian; kaftans will revitalize your summer wardrobe. Kaftan dresses can transform your look as they flatters all body shapes and sizes. The dress can be worn to summer parties, beach vacations, or on a lazy day by the swimming pool. The breezy outfit is easy to pack and wear, ensuring the wearer’s comfort. 

The kaftan, made initially in traditional designs, can now be found in contemporary styles and forms. Be it velvet or fur; kaftans have experimented with numerous times. It has appeared on popular runways, including Oscar de la Renta, Sabyasachi, and Balenciaga. With sustainable fashion hitting the news, many kaftan brands are also advocating the cause. What are you waiting for? Find your favorite type for your next vacation!

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