The Pros And Cons Of Your Winter Weather Wardrobe

The pros and cons of your winter wardrobe.

If Pinterest has taught us anything, it’s that ladiez luv fall. If I had a pumpkin spice latte for every time I’ve heard how much someone loves fall fashion and cuddling, I could flood myself out of my apartment and all the way to a tropical resort.

There was ice on the inside of my apartment window this morning, people. Let’s not pretend it’s all apple pie candles and fuzzy socks. Winter is, however, a Get Out of Jail Free card for looking sexy all the time. Winter style gives us a break from hearing about bikini waxes and bikini bodies for three glorious months. On the flip side, obviously, are the days that you do want to look hot and find it near impossible with all of your assets buried under a parka and boots.

Let us discuss a few of our favorite winter looks and the pros and cons of each.


You mean I can just swaddle myself in fifteen layers of busted cashmere and lycra, add a statement bag, and call it fashion? ALL OVER IT.

Thank the Olsens for making a pile of your warmest, coziest clothes a Thing. It does help if at least one layer is designer, but the boho bourgeoisie look is a necessity for commuting in the snow. The downside is that if your bag isn’t Balenciaga, carrying anything larger than a latte can make you look a little deranged.

Knee Socks

Don’t I look seductive in these lacy thigh-high socks, baring just enough upper thigh under my off-the-shoulder oversized sweater to still be FREEZING COLD?! Does this look only work on Tumblr? Honestly, if it’s cold enough to be wearing a knuckle-dragging Aran sweater, I’m putting on some pants.

Knee socks pulled up over skinny jeans and wedged into knee-high boots, however, are delightful. Pull lacy socks on over opaque tights for another practical look.


Yes, they crush your hair, and when they blow off your head, no one ever catches them because your life is not a rom-com. But they are necessary because (a) your mother was right, body warmth and your will to live definitely escape through your head, and (b) everyone wants to be the girl that pulls off hats.

To pull off a hat: Put it on your head. Strut down the street. You are officially an It Girl. Anyone can pull off a hat unless you are the type of person that frequently runs for buses on windy days.

Snow Boots

The circumference of your boot is directly proportional to how thin your legs look while wearing them. Big, puffy foot protectors like Moon Boots make your legs look positively sylphlike in comparison. Large boots also tend to be super warm and actually insulate from the elements. Once you spend a dreary morning stomping to the subway in outer space-worthy clomptrompers, you may never go back to fragile leather.

You might sound a bit like a third-grader shuffling down the street. Worth it.

When the mercury dips down under 30 degrees, it’s time to have some fun with your look. Try a crazy trend… it’ll brighten up your commute, and you can always hide it with a full-length coat.

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