I don’t know about you guys, but recently I’ve been feeling some type of way about striped trousers. They’re popping up everywhere, and now I can’t stop thinking about filling my closet with dozens of them and wearing nothing else all spring and summer long. The first step to making my dreams a reality? Tracking down pairs that are affordable and available in plus sizes—no easy feat. But after a bit of research, I’ve been able to find nine pairs that fit both my budget and my butt. Check them out below:

ASOS CURVE Wide Leg Pant In Stripe With Hem Detail, $48

Wide Leg Pant In Stripe

I’m in love with these pants. These pants tell the world, “Hello, I’m fabulous, and I’m spending the rest of my life sunning myself on yachts and squeezing mangoes in farmers’ markets.”

Penningtons Striped Pull-On Culotte, $42 CAD (ships to the US and Canada)

Striped Pull-On Culotte
Plus-Size Striped Trousers To Wear Everywhere This Spring.

I used to think that I was not a fan of culottes, but then I saw a striped pair, and I quickly changed my mind. (Love those strappy shoes, too.)

Old Navy Smooth & Slim Plus-Size Harper Pants, on sale for $35

Plus-Size Harper Pants

There’s something about these pants that suggest they might belong in the closet of a 1970s rockstar. I love that.

ASOS CURVE Woven Tapered Peg Pant In Mono Stripe Print, on sale for $34

Woven Tapered Peg Pant

If you’re looking for a striped pattern with a little something extra, this pair of pants from ASOS might be right for you.

Old Navy Cropped Linen-Blend Plus-Size Pants, $39.94

Plus-Size Pants

This pair of cropped pants could easily venture off into pajama territory if you’re not careful. In order to avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed, wear something structured on top. I’d go with a fitted blazer or tucked-in chambray. (I’d also go with closed-toe shoes. The sandals the model is wearing are cute, but they definitely make the pants look super pajama-ish.)

ASOS CURVE Co-ord Linen Culottes in Stripe, on sale for $26

Co-ord Linen Culottes in Stripe

I like that these culottes wear relatively close to the body, and I love that big bold stripe running down the center of the leg.

Penningtons Slightly Curvy Fit Striped Wide Leg Pant, $56 CAD (ships to the US and Canada)

Curvy Fit Striped Wide Leg Pant

If you’re on the hunt for trousers that are work-appropriate and easy-breezy, look no further than this pair from Penningtons.

Old Navy Mid-Rise Linen-Blend Plus-Size Culottes, $36.94

Plus-Size Culottes

I love the blue and gray colors on this pair of culottes (and the model’s lace-up sandals).

Lane Bryant Linen Wide Leg Pant, $59.95

Linen Wide Leg Pant

You really need to go to Lane Bryant’s website to get a good, close-up look at these linen pants. I love the pattern—stripes on stripes on stripes!—and the drawstring waist.

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