Let's Celebrate Body Diversity: Women Of All Sizes Are Beautiful

Diversity recognizes the different characteristics we all have, which make us unique .These characteristics may be our different  race, age, religion, and personality traits. No doubt, we have progressed a lot in embracing diversity. But, acceptance towards the diverse human traits and body shapes is still missing. Our culture rejects large body sizes. Mostly a person who is obese or fat is cornered for his undesirable body shape. Magazines hire and star slim smart females while rejecting curvy and chubby ones.

The Misconception

The general concept about a fat or overweight person is that he eats a lot and is himself a reason for his chubbiness. Therefore, holding people accountable for their body type. This notion of personal responsibility is the foundation of weight bias and contributes to prejudice and discrimination based on body weight. However, this is not the case for everyone. Not all the people around us have the power to reduce or gain weight. Scientifically it is a result of the contribution of various factors. These include the role of genetics, hormones, neurotransmitters, and satiety signaling. These factors, however, when added with stress, family issues, divorce make it even harder to lose weight.

Hate The Cause Not The Affected Ones

Nobody can say that a slim person is truly a healthier person. While a fat person is often scared of chronic heart diseases, diabetes, etc. The focus must be on the factors that can lead to a sick body. A fat body is not shameful, but a sick body ruined by bad habits. Why don’t we address the causes behind being unhealthy? The habits of alcohol drinking, sleeping late, smoking, poor-quality diet, and social cutoff are what need to be hated. Not the person who is fat should be hated and ashamed of his body. We need to stop associating “health” with weight and focus instead on simple healthy habits which are easy and achievable to put in place.

Bikini Brands Promoting Real Beauty 

Diversity is the beauty of human bodies. This is also an inspiration for various brands, who dared to introduce plus sizes and allowed plus size women to be models in their magazines. The brand of strange bikini is also a supporter of this idea, displaying bikinis of all sizes and shapes. This website is open not only for models but also for shy chubby females. Likewise, Adidas and Alalas have also introduced plus sizes in their stores.

Body Neutrality, A Good Solution

Body neutrality is the only solution to this critical issue of body shaming. Believing in yourself and not letting your one trait dominate your whole personality is what body neutrality is all about. You are a person with your intelligence, emotions, and career dreams. You are diverse in your version. Your weight is not so important that you let it overwhelm your other personality traits. Try your best to stay healthy, exercise, walk, and eat well but do not overstress yourself to be like someone else. Be the best version of yourself. 

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