Plastisol transfers have become the latest trend in the marketing industry. Whether you are a businessman or a fashion designer, having impressive prints of your logo or designs can improve your brand’s popularity. Also, plastisol transfers are the easiest and cheapest way to achieve professional-like results with minimum investment.    

These plastisol transfers are screen printed with rapid cure plastisol ink on transfer papers, specifically plastisol. Instead of traditional screen printing, you can go for the plastisol ink transfers and benefit your business in multiple ways.  

Let us get into the detailed overview of  how to make screen print transfers and what are the benefits of using print transfers.

What are print transfers?  

You can print unique designs on heat-transferring paper and once the design is all set to the sheet, use these printed heat-transfer sheets to transfer beautiful prints onto any garment or product. For your convenience, we have prepared a guide where you can explore a few benefits of print transfers and how you can DIY screen-transferring prints with rapid cure plastisol ink.  

Benefits of Plastisol heat transfers  

With our in-depth research on screen printing and plastisol heat transfers, we have come up with a few facts or benefits that might help you understand the importance of plastisol transfers in today’s market.   

  • Able to print on complex substances   

Plastisol heat transferring is the only technique that delivers beautiful patterns on harsh substances like – “baseball caps, athletics jerseys, and similar products.” If you are going for a thick & crisp print, you can achieve successful results with plastisol transfers.  

  • Appropriate for small print runs    

If you are working with small-size patterns and need to be aware of the actual size of the print, the plastisol heat-transferring technique is perfect for you. For example, if you are customizing the print-on-demand consumer, you can quickly transfer easy and even complicated designs to your garment. This way, you will not require to pre-printing a lot of garments to achieve a perfect print for the final print. It will ultimately save time, money, and human effort, which is excellent for any business.   

  • No prior knowledge is required  

As our title suggests, even if you are a beginner with printing, go with the plastisol heat transferring technique rather than the traditional screen printing. It’s optional to gain specific knowledge or go through an entire fledge course to learn to print, especially with plastisol transfers. If you want to showcase artwork for different substances, you can transfer your prints onto any object, and you will be good to go!    

  • Customization   

If you want to save time, you can pre-art your design and customize it later per your client’s requirements. Which is money saving tip if you print the design correctly. Here you have to ensure that your print has enough space to be customized later. Otherwise, you can pre-print any art, and when the consumer orders anything, you can print the design onto any garment, which will also save money in your pocket.    

Pro tip: The only information you need to remember is to be gentle with your design and prefer choosing a relatively more straightforward design in your initial stages.  


You might need to gain a little knowledge to conduct a screen-printing session, but when it comes to the Plastisol heat transferring technique, you will only require one unique design, rapid cure plastisol ink, paper, and the garment you wish to customize. With minimum investment or human effort, you can achieve professional results at home.   

Our article was helpful enough to guide you with print transfers and how they can benefit your business. 

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