Muslim women who like to get involved in watersports usually feel the necessity to buy modest swimsuits. Active Muslim women who comply with hijab prefer to wear loose-fitting clothing in shape and clothes covering the whole body. We’ve seen many specialty retail stores offer burkini swimsuits that balance modesty with comfort and safety.

Islamic Swimwear - Where to Buy Modest Islamic Swimsuits

The styles and colors of the modest swimsuits might differ from personal choices to religious preferences. Most of the burkinis are made from UV resistant Lycra and Spandex. They cut loose in size to cover the body shape. These modest swimsuits cover the legs and arms and might also include a head cap.

In the past years, it has always been a dilemma for Muslim women to participate in outdoor activities like swimming. Swimming skills and water sports are definitely not to blame for this dilemma. The main reason is because of the limitation on the suits they can wear.

But today, thanks to continuous developments by swimwear makers, burkini that is specifically made for Muslim women are already widely available in the market. Muslim ladies can now definitely enjoy outdoor swimming without having to worry about anything, including violating any Islamic dress code.

Islamic Modest Swimwear

Islamic swimming costumes are called modest swimwear. While these swimsuits mostly look like dresses, these are actually very easy to wear and will make you feel comfortable even underwater. Some only have a 3/4 coverage, but still is very decent to wear, especially for young Muslim girls. Adult full cover bathing suits are also available for older women.

Styles and Colors of Modest Swimwear

Styles and colors of modest swimwear are not limited to one. Actually, there are lots to choose from. Some of these are made up of UV-resistant lycra, polyester, nylon, and spandex. When buying modest swimwear, you should only choose those which dry quickly and do not cling once you go out of the water.

Plus-sized Muslim women also need not to worry because the sizes of such modest swimwear are not limited to the skinny types only. There are even maternity swimwear, as well as modest swimsuits especially designed for kids and for men.

Modest swimwear for Muslims does not always have to be boring. There are swimwears that even have sequin designs on them, while others look like miniskirts worn over long pants. It still depends on the woman’s taste on which styles and colors of modest swimwear she would prefer to wear when swimming – as long as it always obeys the Islamic dress code.

Hijab Style

Some Muslim women are following what they call hijab style. The clothing they wear for swimming is usually loose but has a full cover. However, the face and the hands are not necessarily covered up.

The swimming Hijab Cap is also used by Muslims who follow the hijab style. These caps are waterproof and give one a more modest and protected look.

Burkini Ideas

Striped Black Burkini
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Muslim women have many restrictions, especially when it comes to the way they dress in public. That is why whenever there are activities that require specific kinds of suits like swimming, they find it hard to participate, worrying about being punished for violating the dress code.

The definition of Burkini

One may raise an eyebrow upon hearing this word as it seems very strange. But what is burkini’s definition exactly?

The term burkini (sometimes also referred to as burqini) comes from the words burqa, which means body, and bikini.

Burkini’s definition also requires that this kind of swimsuit covers the whole body of the wears. The face, hands, and feet will remain uncovered, but no need to worry because it is accepted in Muslim dress codes. Burkinis are loose in shape and covers the whole body except the hands and the face. They are also made of light materials that allow you to swim freely without any interruptions. It is definitely a comfortable alternative for Muslim women who do not want to wear revealing swimsuits.

A burkini looks like a full-cover wetsuit, which comes with a hood to protect their head. There are also different types and colors of burkini to choose from.

Burkini Remsa

Burkini Remsa swimsuits have some latest and most stylish Muslim swimwear collections in both modest and tight fit. The 3-piece (hood, swimsuit, and pants) Burkini Swimwear has been designed in accordance to the Islamic dress code by only exposing the face, hands, and feet.

Green Leaves Full Coverage

The active Muslim woman is given the perfect solution to dive in the sea with good protection from the sun in a very modest way, and she can use it as sportswear too. The swimsuit and pants ties together, so no problem in the water.

The fabric used in Burkini Remsa swimwear is smooth, enabling easy and comfortable movement regardless if the wearer is in or out of the water. They have a removable cap and also comes in different colors and designs. Islamic swimsuits are perfect outfits for walking on the beach or swimming in pools.

They have been providing affordable, modest, comfortable, and excellent Islamic swimwear for years. As a legally registered and based business in Turkey, their overhead cost is very low compared to other online companies that operate shops and employ many salespersons. This is one of the reasons why is able to set competitive prices for their swimwear.

Their Muslim swimwear comes in a few distinctive designs and in many colors and prints, and a range of sizes available for teens and adults. They are made from the Lycra material, which is light, smooth, elastic, and chlorine-resistant. Apart from swimming comfortably and modestly, the swimwear also helps to protect wearers from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Now, you can enjoy your water activities peacefully.

Where to Buy Modest Swimwear

Many Muslims buy their clothing while traveling or sew their own. But the Internet is now allowing Muslims from all over the world ready access to a growing number of online Islamic clothing stores. These stores offer clothes for women, kids, plus size burkini, and more.

After knowing the benefits of such, you may be wondering where you can buy a burkini. These are already available in local stores but definitely much more available, cheap, and convenient to buy online.

Check several sites that offer Islamic swimwear and compare the prices. If you are lucky enough, you might come across burkinis on sale. Also, see if you can buy a burkini part separately, like the top, pants, and cap. Another thing you should keep in mind when shopping for a modest fashion burkini online to make sure that the size is not too tight or too loose. Most online shops have their size charts available.

Just make sure that they are reliable and trusted suppliers. You can even take advantage of promos and get some discounts when purchasing your wholesale modest swimwear for you and your family.

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