Tips On Looking Your Best With Patriotic Apparel

Any article of clothing with red, white, and blue, with stripes and stars are considered patriotic apparel. Wearing these is a must during specific occasions, namely Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Flag Day. You can also wear patriotic apparel whenever you welcome a military member home to show support and gratefulness.

Patriotic apparels come in different colors and patterns, making them challenging for most people to wear. What colors should you match your patriotic apparel?  Are there dos and don’ts to ensure that you’re not disrespecting your country because of your outfit?

Follow the tips below so you’ll look your best with your patriotic apparel:

1. Wear The Right Shirt

Most people prefer wearing t-shirts all year long as these pieces are comfortable and come in a wide variety of styles and designs. If you have a stash of shirts at home, give some pieces a makeover and use them as your patriotic apparel. 

Grab your favorite plain red, white, or blue shirt, and, then, add a few embellishments, namely sequins, puff paint, jewels, or glitter. You can draw any design on the shirt—from white and blue fireworks to outlines of the American flag—using the material of your choice. Just make sure that the shirt is washed and dried beforehand so the design sticks. 

You can also tie-dye your plain-colored shirts with red, white, and blue colors, and, then, sew a patch to complete the design. For example, after tie-dying white shirts with blue and red, you can sew a star at the front to mimic the flag. This is a great way of upgrading old and dull-looking shirts, even making your patriotic apparel more unique. 

You’ll have unlimited options when it comes to designing patriotic-themed shirts. So, take your time to look for inspirations online and choose a design that you think fits your personality. You’ll immediately feel good once you love what you’re wearing! 

2. Stick To Everyday Clothes

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to show up in an outlandish outfit or wear a costume during important holidays. You can show your patriotism by wearing basic clothing items that mimic the colors of the flag. 

Instead of wearing apparel plastered with stripes and stars all over, choose to wear a simple red, white, or blue button-down shirt or dress. You can even pair your favorite jeans with a red fitted shirt, and, then, top it off with a white hooded sweatshirt or white cardigan.

Wearing basic pieces with patriotic colors will highlight your love for the country without going overboard. Putting these pieces together also maintains a relaxed, everyday feel, allowing you to carry on with your routine.

3. Showcase Stars And Stripes

Stars and stripes are often associated with the flag, which is why many would wear outfits with these patterns during important holidays. Although bold patterns are risky fashion decisions for some, there are many ways to look good wearing stars and stripes.

Patriotic Apparel: Showcase Stars And Stripes

If you want to put together a casual and fun outfit for the Fourth of July, you can choose a star-printed shirt and pair it with your favorite white pants or shorts. As for the accessories, comfortable rope espadrilles, a navy woven bag, and a pair of hoop earrings will do. 

To look good on stripes, make sure that the pattern is only visible on one clothing item. For instance, you can wear a blue and white striped dress or shirt, and pair it with a plain red bag and white sneakers. If it gets cold, a denim jacket can complement your outfit.  

Avoid making your outfit too cluttered by wearing too many patterns. If your top has stars and stripes all over, make sure that everything else—your jeans, bag, and other accessories— is plain-colored. This will make your outfit clean and cohesive. 

4. Go Monochromatic 

If wearing too many colors and patterns doesn’t appeal to you, go monochromatic with red, white, or blue colors. This fashion hack is easy and inexpensive to copy as you’ll likely have plain-colored items in your closet.

Look best with your patriotic apparel by sticking to one color scheme. For example, if you have a blue shirt with a patriotic American design, pair it with denim jeans, blue sneakers, and a blue bag. This will make your shirt stand out and your outfit more interesting. 

Take Risks

As you can see, looking good in patriotic apparel isn’t challenging. By following the tips in this article, you can show your patriotism without sacrificing your personal style or showing disrespect. 

So, go ahead and play around with different combinations and styles to figure out which one works best for you. Take risks and surprise your friends and family on the next Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Flag Day with your outfit! 

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