You guys, Halloween is so freaking close. I’ve woken up every day this week craving Pumpkin Spice Lattes and wondering how I can subtly dress like a witch at work without anyone catching on. I almost bought a glass pumpkin candy dish at Target the other day before my friend dragged me away. I’ve shared lists of costume ideas and sCaRy accessories with all y’all practically every day this month, but this one is officially my favorite. HALLOWEEN TIGHTS. SO MANY HALLOWEEN TIGHTS. Here are 11 pairs that you’re bound to love with all your spooky heart.

1. Dancing skeleton tights

dancing skeleton

If you’ve ever wondered what a skeleton looks like when it’s cranking that Soulja Boy on your leg, now you have the answer. These are amazing.

2 and 3. Spiderweb and skull tights

spiderweb and skull tights

Freaking CUTE. The skull ones remind me of being a teenager who hung out by the entrance of Hot Topic wishing my mom would buy me some badass clothes instead of American Eagle polos. The spiderweb ones are subtle and fishnetty and I loooove them.

4. Bat Attack leggings

bat attack leggings

Um, please wear these and tell everyone that you’re Batman. Can you do that for me? Why wouldn’t you?

5. Skeleton hands leggings

skeleton hands leggings

Is a skeleton grabbing your butt? Yes. Yes, it is.

6. Sheer bat tights

sheer bat tights

I love how sheer tights like these make it look like you have lots of little bat tattoos. The next time I feel compelled to get something dumb stamped into my skin for the rest of my life, I’ll just have to buy these and live out my tattoo fantasies in a temporary way.

7. Cyborg tights

cyborg tights

How bad do you want to wear these and tell everyone you’re Oblina from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters? I’ll join you.

8. Muscle print leggings

muscle leggings Halloween Tights

How great would these look under a knee-length dress? People will think they’re just an artistic pattern BUT THEY’RE MUSCLES. They’re CREEPY, REALISTIC MUSCLES. Amazing.

9. Gold cat head

black cat tights - Halloween Costumes

I’m automatically in love with anything Halloween-themed that you can get away with wearing all year round, and what fits that bill better than cute little cat prints? This kitty’s eyes are creepy enough that people will think you’re in the October spirit, but it’s a small enough print that no one will question you for wearing these in January.

10. Ghost tights

ghost tights

Happy little ghosts! I don’t even know you, and I already love you. I want to tuck you into some colorful boots and wear you under a black dress.

11. Pumpkin pie leggings

pumpkin pie leggings

I love that these are listed as “Pumpkin Pie Snowflake Leggings” because, for one thing, these don’t have anything to do with pumpkin pie, and for another thing, they’re covered in moose (reindeer?) prints that go unexplained. They’re basically just Thanksgiving leggings… but I just had to include them here. You can start wearing these now, tell anyone who looks at you funny that they’re PUMPKIN PIE LEGGINGS, and you won’t need to put them away until after Christmas!

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