Wearing Tights Under Shorts

It seems like people always have an opinion on the trend of wearing tights under shorts. We’re asking our readers for their input!

It’s always fascinating to me when trends are able to go on for several years and still carry controversy with them. People continue to wear Crocs despite the general consensus being that they’re ugly and gnome-like. People continue to wear peplums despite countless fashion articles saying they’re over. I have no qualms about wearing flats over socks once in a while, despite the weird looks I get from strangers every time I layer them up. The whole point of fashion is to do whatever the hell you want and express your individuality in any way you see fit, obviously, but I still get a bit of a thrill out of debating different styles. And so, dear Gloss readers, I ask you: How do you feel about wearing tights under shorts?

A lot of people take issue with this style, which I guess I understand. It’s old news (Miley Cyrus was wearing it around town in, like, 2007), it’s a little bit reminiscent of those years when we all wore cutoff jean skirts with leggings (the horror!), and it kind of looks like you’re mixing seasons together in a way that doesn’t make a ton of sense. (Although I’d be interested to see someone wearing a parka over a Hawaiian shirt, or maybe a fall cardigan over a bikini top? Why not?)

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On the other hand, tights-and-shorts have their positive points, too. You can wear your cute shorts for a few more months without freezing to death. You can show off your great tights and stockings without having to own a thousand different skirts. You can have the freedom of movement that you get with dresses and the don’t-look-at-my-crotch protection that you get with pants. I’m a huge fan of the look, personally, but that doesn’t mean I’d prescribe it to anyone else. It really comes down to your personality.

And that’s exactly why I need your help. How do you feel about wearing tights with shorts? Leave us a comment below and maybe we can solve this mystery together!

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Real Women Debate The Trend Of Wearing Tights Under Shorts

  • Sara: I only like undershorts that could feasibly pass as skirts. Like in the first picture on this post. But other than that I think it looks silly.
  • Diane: opaque only, plus they keep you warmer, sheer is a no no shorts are not evening clothes.
  • Simone: How else am I going to wear my suede shorts? Too hot in the summer but perfect with a pair of opaque tights in the fall on a cool day!
    • Maria: My last pay <-check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My neighbor’s sister has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
  • Heather: I generally like the look and think it can work with printed, sheer or opaque things as long as you get the right short-tight combination. I don’t like it when the shorts are so short that you see the thick part of the tights at the top of the tight, or worn, crotch piece.
  • Jenny: I like it. I had a GORGEOUS pair of dark denim embroidered shorts a couple of years ago (sounds very 90s but they were much more subtle than you’d think) that were just too short for my comfort. With opaques, I felt like everything was more controlled and concealed.
  • Gabriela: I looove it, actually when I don’t know what to wear, I always end up wearing denim shorts with a pair of colorful tights 😀
  • Rosario: I don’t like wearing tights with shorts so I wear opaque heavy tights like I would leggings.
  • Hil: I do it all summer. usually fishnets on hotter days. I haven’t totally reconciled my choice not to shave my legs with the idea of showing said legs to the rest of the world, so I generally cover up the hair with a pair of tights.
  • Anne: I’m a fan. But I also have stubby legs, which present their own set of fashion problems. But I also feel like being raised as part of the skort generation set us up for this.
  • Rive: I love tights under shorts. It’s my go-to look in the fall, and even winter sometimes if I have extra-thick tights and tall boots. The only caveat is that I never wear tights with denim shorts. Denim shorts are for summer, more formal shorts are for fall and winter.
  • Mike: I think it’s a great look for women; and if done right, can be pulled off by men as well.
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