India: the land of traditional clothing. People treasure the traditional attires and one of the gems is the silk sarees. Today we are about to check out seven different types of Indian silk sarees from India.

Types of Indian Silk Sarees from India
  1. Banarasi silk saree: -Banarasisarees have been winning hearts for years. Your regular banrasisaree makes you look not so regular and gives you an enriched look. Originating from the ancient city of Banaras or Varanasi, these are some delicate works of art with zaaris and intricate designs.
  • Bomkai silk saree: – Alternatively known as Sonepurisaree is well known for the different types of patterns on the pallu or the border of the saree. Like the famous fish patterns printed on the saree. It’s a handloom saree originating from Orissa.
  • Chanderisaree: – Originating from Madhya Pradesh, Chanderisarees have been loved by women for years. Chanderisarees are beautifully embroidered with delicate patterns and a big advantage they have is they are lightweight and easy to carry yet they still give you the classy look.
  • Kanchipuram silk saree/ Kanjirvaram silk saree: – Who isn’t aware of the most graceful saree that exists? People have seen the veteran Indian actress Rekha shinning out the other sarees with the graceful Kanchipuram silk saree. Originating from Tamil Nadu, these sarees are adored by brides. The handloom saree costs a fortune but the look you get after wearing it will be so precious that the cost won’t even matter. If you are residing in New York, Chicago, or say California, and you would like to own these gorgeous sarees, you can also look for Kanchipuram saree online in the USA. These sarees have made their way to the USA and are popular not just among the Indians, but the Americans too.
  • Mysore silk saree: – Classy but not flashy should be the alternative name of Mysore silk sarees. Originating from the name of the saree, Mysore, it has been the pride of India. Light but still would give you a royal appearance. Mysore silk sarees look fabulous with plain blouse design which will highlight the features of the classy saree.
  • Patola silk saree: – Originating from Gujarat, Patola silk sarees are the top choice for women at weddings. These Patolas have various patterns on it like elephants, flowers, peacocks, other birds, raw mangoes, geometric patterns, and dancing figures. Patolas take nearly six to one year to be completed as the handwork is very detailed and made to reach perfection.
  • Raw Silk Saree: – Raw silk sarees are the archetypal form of silk sarees. These sarees are easy to style and can be also worn on casual occasions. Uniquezaris and borders are the reason they are preferred by so many saree lovers.
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