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When you’re a kid, Halloween is a time to eat too much candy and dress up in the same little costume like a Star Wars costume as all your friends. When you’re an adult, Halloween is a time to wear a witch hat and get wasted. When you’re kind of a jerk, Halloween is a time to dress up in the most offensive costume you can think of. Unfortunately, it seems to be a trend that people are repurposing last year’s Breaking Bad costumes and turning them into… Ebola costumes. Like, costumes making light of Ebola. A serious disease that’s killing human beings and causing mass hysteria. Ha. Haha. Hahaha. NO.

Basically, a whole slew of people are planning to walk around on the 31st wearing shiny jumpsuits, Hazmat masks, and invisible signs around their necks that declare “I DON’T THINK THROUGH MY IDEAS HARD ENOUGH BEFORE I EXECUTE THEM.” I’m not saying that every person with this idea is a total asshole (decent people sometimes make really ill-advised decisions in the pursuit of bringing comic relief to serious topics), but I’m also not saying that anyone should do this. Please don’t do this. Please.

If NOT DRESSING UP LIKE AN EBOLA PATIENT is hard for you, though, I’m willing to help provide you with a solution. We at Blufashion have been hard at work making lists of good Halloween costume ideas for the whole month of October, and I guarantee you can find an idea in our archives that’s both funny and unhorrible.

  • Here are some amazing body art and makeup looks that Sam found at a Makeup For Ever event. Guaranteed to make you the center of attention at your party– without offending anyone.
  • Here’s an awesome idea for anyone in a wheelchair, compliments of Heather!
  • If you hate Halloween but you feel like you’re required to get into the holiday spirit anyway, you can try one of these subtle costumes that Kelsey found.
  • Walking Dead fans will love this zombie makeup looks that Liz discovered!
  • I’m super proud of my list of unconventional Disney costumes that adults can pull off
  • …as well as my list of Harry Potter costumes that won’t make you look like a naughty schoolgirl.
  • Heather showed us how to dress up like your favorite TV character if you’re looking for an excuse to be Olivia Pope for one day…
  • …and how to dress up like you just escaped from the 70s.
  • Meanwhile, Liz wrote up a guide to showing off your sense of humor AND your hot bod. (Perfect for finding a happy medium in the sexy vs. funny debate!)
  • And Sam rounded up all the best costume ideas from you guys, our loyal readers!

If you put your mind to it (and if you check out our other Halloween articles!) it’s possible for everyone to have fun this year without dressing like Ebola. You’re welcome!

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