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First impressions matter whether you’ve found a potential partner on the best dating sites, through an introduction by a mutual friend, or through fate at the gym. But have you ever wondered why we live to impress on our search for love?

Think about it. Many people spend time on social media flaunting their accomplishments and lavish lifestyles. And this same obsession is shared in the world of dating. How often do you see guys going above and beyond to impress their date?

If you can afford it, there is nothing wrong with being romantic and planning a date your love interest is bound never to forget. But there are other ways you can make a good first impression without breaking your bank.

Today, we’ll be looking at wearing appropriate clothes for a date to impress a woman. After all, the first thing a woman notices about you during dating is how well-put-together you are. But guys will only consider their date clothes a few minutes before the date, and unfortunately, this often doesn’t work in their favor.

So, what to do? Well, the first thing is not to fret about it because we’ve put together a remarkable collection of first date clothes ideas and style rules we think would be great for you. Have a look!

1. Consider The Location Of The Date

Consider The Location Of The Date
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Believe it or not, the location of your meetup plays a significant role in your choice of date clothes. Being presentable on your first date involves much more than taking a fresh shower and applying some cologne.

As a modern man, your date clothes should be well-suited to the occasion and the location. For instance, if you’re trying to impress the woman you’re meeting, casual date clothes might not be ideal for a formal dinner.

In addition, if you’re having a dinner date, participating in outdoor activities, or attending a gala, your date clothes should mirror the event. For instance, wear a tux to a gala, shorts for a boat ride, and casual wear to a picnic.

If you are taking her out to a fair or picnic, or even meeting up in a café, you can always pick simply southern shirts and pair them up with some jeans and a nice pair of sneakers. You do not want to come across as being overdressed, but also want to showcase that you pay attention to what you wear.

2. Time Of Day

The clothes you choose for a date aren’t only determined by the location or occasion for your meetup. The time of day for your meeting will also influence the date clothes you wear.

For instance, casual date clothes for guys are perfect when going on a breakfast or brunch date than when you’re going on an evening date. No one expects you to show up in a tailored suit to a coffee shop.

Even so, it would help if you were mindful of the date clothes you choose for casual dates. Appropriate chinos and a jumper are perfect for brunch. Also, keep in mind that the accessories you choose for your date clothes should match the occasion.

If there’s a dress code, make sure you have appropriate accessories to match your date clothes. If you’re going to a restaurant, avoid casual shoes or trainers as they may deny you entry.

3. Matching Your Grooming To Date Clothes

Other than your sexy date clothes, a woman will notice how well-groomed you are to meet her. There’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself, so make sure you do it often and do it well. Remember that you don’t have to invest in expensive manicures or a regular day or night-time face routine. Make an effort to look neat, smell good, and maintain good hygiene.

Excellent grooming matched with the perfect date clothes will tell your date how much you value presentation and make them take you a little more seriously. Just remember to stay away from too much hair product.

Matching Your Grooming To Date Clothes
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Suppose you have some facial hair. In that case, condition and comb through it. If it’s too bushy, give it a trim or some TLC so you look ready for your date. It is important to note that your first date clothes might make men glance at you with jealousy.

But the woman next to you will not give you a second thought if your nails have jagged edges or are dirty. In addition, a hint of cologne or aftershave is a good idea, but make sure your clothes aren’t drowning in it. After all, balance is in moderation.

4. Plan Ahead

You’ve picked your date clothes depending on the location and the time of day of your meetup. You’ve also groomed to the gods. Only one thing remains. Are you comfortable in your first date clothes for guys?

Comfort might be more important than looking good in your dashing new clothes. So try out your date clothes a day or two in advance so you can see if they fit well and if they offer you an ideal level of comfort.

Meeting someone for the first time is reason enough for anxiety, so there’s no reason to heighten it more with uncomfortable date clothes that restrict your movement. If you look uneasy or uncomfortable in your date clothes, the woman you’re with will notice it, and your discomfort may come across negatively.

Be sure about the look you’re going with, as it will help build your confidence and positive feelings about yourself.


Dates are supposed to be fun, and even though the ideas we’ve given seem like a lot to remember, you can do it. For your additional tips, remember to find out how long it will take you to get to the venue so you can arrive on time.

Plan conversations ahead to avoid awkward silences and let your date know if there’s a dress code for the venue you’re visiting so she can also prepare.

Knowing what you know now, do you feel more comfortable and confident about the date clothes you’ve chosen for your next meetup? Let us know in the comments below.

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