Different Styles And Types Of Sweatshirts

In order to discuss types and styles of sweatshirts. Let’s start with:

The different types of sweatshirts

Nothing better to face the cold than with a good and warm sweatshirt. Although sweaters and jackets are also very useful in the fall and winter, this garment is our favorite for several reasons. What else can we hang around the house or go out with without really caring about how we look? A sweater might be too formal to wear inside; on the other hand, wearing a Vlone Shirt is not an option for when we are only at home. This is where the versatility of sweatshirts comes in.

But that’s not all, as there are different types depending on our needs and tastes. No matter what we are going to do or where we are going to be, sweatshirts can always accompany us. Here are the main types of sweatshirts that we can find:

Round neck

Although it is perfect to be at home, its elegant touch allows it to compliment any outfit to go out. The front is the perfect canvas to capture our designs, either by means of digital printing or the application of textile vinyl.

Hat and kangaroo

The most cushioned of all, which is ideal for when we just want to be warm in our house watching a movie in the afternoon. Its front bag is very useful for when, for example, we go to the store in the morning or night, we wear pants without bags, and we have nowhere to deposit our wallet, keys, and cell phone. The hat, of course, will allow us to protect ourselves even more from the cold or even the rain.

 Cap and closure

Finally, the sweatshirt with a hat and closure gives us the possibility to refresh ourselves a bit if we are exercising. It may not be as easy to customize it as the others due to the closure, but the back and small squares at chest height, on both sides remain good options to capture what we want.

Learn to wear a stylish sweatshirt

wearing a stylish sweatshirt

Preppy look for men and women

The preppy style is characterized by being very clean, simple, and classic, with sober colors and a polite demeanor. How to make a sweatshirt look preppy?

It’s simple. If you choose to wear a hoodie without a hood, wear a white collared shirt underneath. For this set to stand out, the main item must be a dark shade, such as navy blue, army green, black, or gunmetal gray. In the colder months, on top of these, you wear a blazer or mid-calf coat.

You can also put on a T-shirt, over the hoodie, and finally a closed blazer. Both combinations, although very masculine, are suitable for both sexes. And, in either case, you can wear it both with chinos or pleated pants, as well as with straight-cut jeans. You will be ready to go to the office or a meeting with a trusted client!


It is possible to look sporty without looking sloppy and having to do an exercise routine. Fashion has brought a new term and way of dressing into vogue: athleisure. A style that combines sports garments with others of a casual cut. The result? A combination in.

In the case of girls, they can wear their oversize sweatshirt with sequins or rhinestones with leather leggings and Adidas Gazelle sneakers in the classic black and white colors.

While the guys can pair their sweatshirt with a matching jogger, sneakers in contrasting hues to match a light-knit open coat when it’s cold. 

With this outfit, you can go shopping, meet friends and visit your family.

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