The Perfect Travel Wardrobe Trifecta
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When you pack a bag for travel, you’re packing more than clothes. You’re rolling confidence, comfort and convenience into one neat little package. And if you don’t pack correctly, you run the risk of feeling even more out of place in a foreign country.

In this post, let’s cover the ultimate trifecta of the perfect travel wardrobe: style, comfort and minimalism. If you can manage to balance these three elements, you can significantly increase your well-being on the road. Being stylish helps you feel confident and in control. Comfort gets you through those awkward plane rides and muggy heat waves. And minimalism ensures that you never feel tied down by a massive suitcase.

Here are a few tips for striking the all-important balance between fashion, comfort and lightweight travel.

Choose Neutral Colors

Neutral colors do a couple of things for you. First, they ensure that each of your mix-and-match wardrobe items makes sense. Since there’s no lime-green or sultan purple to clash, you’ll always look put together, no matter what combination of clothing you choose.

Secondly, neutral colors allow you to encapsulate your wardrobe in just a few items. Since you can find endless variation in a few neutral items, you can pack more minimally.

Mind Your Materials

Here’s where people trip up most often. Rather than pack single-purpose polyesters and cottons, choose a versatile material that holds up to a range of different climates. Moreover, find materials that are naturally antibacterial and sweat-wicking – clothing that can last a few days between washes. Extending the lifecycle of each item’s wear allows you to pack less.

For example, take merino wool. A merino wool hoodie is insulating and breathable, meaning that it holds up against warm and cool climates. And because merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, you only really need one hoodie for the entire trip. As a bonus, merino wool is also incredibly comfortable and – provided you find a quality line – very stylish.

Think in Layers

Resist the urge to pack a t-shirt and parka combo. It’s impossible to fine-tune a two-layer outfit to match the weather. Instead, think in layers.

Pack one or two base layer shirts. Then pack one sweater, sweatshirt or hoodie for a middle layer. Finally, pack a light coat or rain jacket as an outer layer. If you choose neutral colors for each and opt for merino wool, you’ll have a versatile, stylish, minimal wardrobethat’s effective in several climates. Throw in a pair of pants and some underwear, and you’re ready to go.

Pack a Wrinkle-Free, Space-Optimizing Bag

Wrinkles can put a damper on just about any wardrobe. To avoid wrinkles and optimize the surface area of your bag, tightly roll your clothes. Sometimes called the “army roll,”this effective packing technique helps keep clothes smooth by reducing friction on your bag.

Next time you pack clothing for a trip, follow the tips above. Keep your colors neutral. Find hard-working clothes like merino wool. Layer your outfits. And roll your clothes to avoid wrinkles. That’s how you balance style, comfort and minimalism.

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