The perfect outfits for a luxury vacation

Filling your suitcases before a luxury vacation can be a tricky business. Whether you are taking a Mediterranean cruise in 2022, exploring the shimmering desert luxury of Abu Dhabi, or taking cocktails in the clouds in Hong Kong, getting your outfits right is vital…and tough!

Luggage allowances these days are increasingly limiting, and while it is always possible to just fill multiple bags with everything you own and pay for extra suitcases, it feels a little like admitting defeat. Plus lugging all that baggage around can take the shine off your luxury adventure before it has even begun!

Luckily with a little thought, preparation, and planning, it is perfectly possible to pack everything you need to wow at every event and occasion your vacation might involve in just one suitcase. With a few simple hacks you can curate a gorgeous, flexible, and effortlessly chic travel wardrobe, and pack like the fashion pro you are. Take a look at these tips for packing the perfect outfits for a luxury vacation.

Choose lightweight, non-iron, low-wrinkle fabrics

One of the main characteristics you want in your luxury travel wardrobe is packability. You want pieces that can be folded, rolled, even stuffed into corners of your bag, and can pop out at the other end looking gorgeous. Linen might evoke images of classic elegance and refined sunset chic, but when it is wrinkled and crumpled those dreams will seem far away. Pick synthetic fibers (for warm destinations) and wool (for cooler ones), and you’ll look like perfection straight out of the bag.

Overdo it on the dresses

Light, floaty dresses and little flirty cocktail numbers are small, cute, and always in style. A summer dress is the perfect double-use item – casual enough to wear during the day (even at the beach!) but dressy enough to take you to an elegant dinner. Pieces that can double up and do the work of two outfits are always the superstars of your luxury travel wardrobe.

Pick simple, chic basics

Essentially a capsule wardrobe, but for your vacations. Vacation fashion differs a little from everyday elegance, and comfort plays a far larger part in your clothing decisions. Choosing a variety of simple, chic basics lets you mix and match your wardrobe to create outfit after outfit without ever getting bored. Start off with a couple of plain, quality t-shirts in muted, monochrome colors, as well as a crisp white shirt. These can be layered with shirts, wraps, jumpers, and cover-ups, and will double or triple your outfit choices. A lightweight sweater, an elegant light jacket, and some stunning yet simple jeans will give you an immense amount of options for looking smart and stylish, night after night.

Go for sensible yet elegant shoes

When it comes to packing shoes for a luxury vacation, people tend to go one of two ways. They either don’t pack enough, or they fill their luggage allowance too quickly. A middle way is the winner here, with smart, comfortable, sensible shoes coming out on top. You’ll want to find footwear that is comfortable enough to wear during the day, even to walk around town in, but can also look smart enough when you are out on the town at night.

Bring enough accessories

When all else fails, a great selection of accessories can revitalize a travel wardrobe that you’ve grown tired of. Jewelry, bags, scarves – being able to bring out a new piece can lift an outfit that you’ve already worn, and change up pieces that you thought you wouldn’t be able to bear to wear again!

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