Open your wardrobe to luxury

What do you picture when you think of luxury? An expensive car, a Michelin star restaurant, silk bed sheets? Chances are, your mind does not jump to women’s high top sneakers as a luxury item. But why not?

The way we dress and what we choose to wear shapes the way we are perceived as individuals as it tells the world a lot about ourselves. This is not only in relation to personal style but also the level of pride that we take in our appearance. If someone has a high investment in what they wear, it often is an indication that they place great importance in always looking their best. A trait that is, arguably, rather admirable.

Our clothes and shoes go through a lot. With all the wear and constantly being cleaned and dried, we need our fashion to be well made and hardwearing. There is no use in buying something that looks great but starts to fall apart after a handful of washes. This is even more true for shoes that have to endure everything the ground puts them through. Not to mention our occasional clumsy scuffs and trips.

In a world where we are more aware than ever before of how our purchases impact the planet, it’s extremely important that we invest in good quality pieces that stand the test of time. For instance, investing in a dogtooth coat, a timeless piece, can be a sensible decision. Fast fashion that needs replacing every season is not only harmful for the planet but also encourages consumerism and unhealthy buying habits. The best thing we can do for sustainable fashion (besides second-hand shopping of course) is spending a little more money on timeless, high end pieces made of quality, long lasting materials.

Perhaps you view luxury fashion as something that should be saved for special occasions: a party dress or smart shoes. However, it is probably even more important to shop high end for our everyday fashion items. The products that we wear on a more regular basis are the things that are going to suffer the most from general wear and tear so surely we want to ensure that they last longer? Spending more on our staple clothes and shoes will keep them in our wardrobes for significantly longer. This is definitely worth keeping in mind if you are building a capsule wardrobe!

A good place to start is with your sneakers (also known as trainers if you’re from the UK). Although many of us won’t skimp in this department, it’s also not something that people will necessarily seek a luxury fashion brand for. But why should luxury be limited to formal wear? Whether you desire to feel expensive every day or if you want a high end alternative to your cheaper everyday shoes, luxury sneakers are the way forward. Styles are certainly not limited and there’s something out there for every fashion style and personality type. You may want a modern style or perhaps you want to hop back in time and pick up a pair that reminds you of a past era. 

Ultimately, it’s time we start investing in good quality, luxury pieces, even with our casual wear. If you treat yourself to one luxury item this year, let it be a new pair of sneakers. Give each outfit a facelift and transform your look and your style. Not only this, but your feet will thank you for the extra comfort and care you’re giving them by shopping high end. Promote longevity and sustainability with your wardrobe and look good doing it.

Everyone deserves a slice of luxury so why not make it something that you’ll use often. Spoil yourself rotten.

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