Meredith O’Connor was all smiles at the NYFW Spring/Summer Showcase for Victor de Souza where she sat with boyfriend Evan Janssens front row to see the collection. Meredith O’Connor has posted on social media about her relationship which has since confirmed what was a rumored relationship.

Meredith O'Connor and Evan Janssens Shine at Victor de Souza Showcase

Photographer: Nick Molinari

NYFW Couple Alert: Meredith O’Connor and Evan Janssens Shine at Victor de Souza Showcase

In the glamorous whirlwind that is New York Fashion Week (NYFW), it’s not just the fashion that captures the spotlight but also the attendees who grace the events with their presence.

This season, the Victor de Souza Spring/Summer 2024 showcase at Terminal 5 was no exception, drawing in a crowd eager to witness the designer’s latest creations.

Among the distinguished guests were Meredith O’Connor and her boyfriend, Evan Janssens, whose appearance together not only turned heads but also confirmed the whispers of their relationship.

Meredith O’Connor, a name synonymous with talent and activism, has long been a fixture in the entertainment industry. Known for her hit songs and her passionate advocacy for mental health and anti-bullying, O’Connor has used her platform to inspire and empower.

Her relationship with Evan Janssens, which she recently confirmed via social media, has been the subject of much speculation and excitement among fans.

The couple’s attendance at the Victor de Souza showcase marks one of their first public appearances together since confirming their relationship, making it a significant moment for both their supporters and the fashion community.

The Victor de Souza Spring/Summer 2024 collection, titled “Siren & Muses,” presented a dreamy, coastal-inspired array of designs that captivated the audience.

O’Connor and Janssens, seated front row, had the perfect vantage point to take in the whimsical yet structured pieces that de Souza is known for. Their presence at the show not only highlighted their support for the designer but also underscored their status as a power couple within the NYFW scene.

O’Connor’s relationship with Janssens isn’t the only aspect of her life that’s been in the spotlight. Her hiatus from music to pursue university studies and her relaunch of the landmark mental health campaign “You Are Not Alone” have kept her busy.

Despite this, her possible return to music has been hinted at, with recent appearances and interviews suggesting that new projects may be on the horizon.

As NYFW continues to be a melting pot of fashion, celebrity, and culture, the appearance of Meredith O’Connor and Evan Janssens at the Victor de Souza showcase serves as a reminder of the event’s ability to bring together diverse talents from various spheres.

Their relationship, now confirmed and celebrated, adds another layer of intrigue and allure to the already vibrant tapestry of NYFW.

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