If you look at the progression of your life so far, you will no doubt feel some kind of connection to the idea of “chapters.” If our life is a story, then it must have arcs, eras, and periods in which we learn, grow, adapt and become new people. Not all of the chapters are better than the last, but they do teach us something and allow us to move forward in this very incredible, puzzling, adventurous thing we call life.

As fashion is an inherent element of self-expression (as opposed to a disembodied ideal outside of it), it’s no wonder that the way we dress, the styles we enjoy, and the changes we may are a part of our life story too. This is why caring about fashion doesn’t mean you’re self-obsessed because it’s part of our identities, not necessarily something we focus on at the expense of all else.

If you find yourself entering into a new milestone or chapter in your life and feel a desire to change up your fashion and self-expression, let us guide you with some warm advice about how to do that:

Focus On Your Baseline Self-Care

Before delving into wardrobe revamps, it’s a smart idea to prioritize self-care as the foundation of who you are and how you want to dress to begin with. In other words, it’s you who make the outfit, it’s not the outfit that makes you as a person. For example, if you’ve been through a tough time in your past job, have left, and are seeking to rejuvenate yourself, then you may visit Elan Skin Medspa for nourishment before moving onto your new style.

If you nurture your physical and mental well-being, confidence radiates from within and enhances any set of garments. It’s why often celebrities look so cool even when they’re wearing daring new styles, it’s because they have access to nourishment, round the clock nutritional support, and personal care treatments. That being said, you don’t need the most expensive services to do well. So why not start today?

Don’t Align Yourself To A Strict Style

Figuring out a new style isn’t going to happen overnight. Moreover, while you may have certain preferences, you don’t have to feel trapped in one effort over the other. This is your time to explore what your updated tastes hold, and why they are the way they are now. 

You can embrace the fluidity of personal style and resist confining yourself to a strict fashion archetype, and feel like you’re having fun as opposed to taking a test. Experimentation is key to discovering what resonates with your evolving identity, and that means having the freedom to make mistakes. Blend elements from various styles, eras, and cultures, speak to your friends or stylists, and enjoy yourself. After all, what good is an outfit if it felt like a chore to put together?

It’s Okay To Renew Your Dress For Your Age

We’re all getting older. Does that mean we have to start wearing tweed jackets with elbow patches, or cardigans purely knitted by our friends? Well, you can if you want. But it’s good to be a little more freer than this. However, it can be a nice effort to consider if updating your style is worthwhile accounting for your age. Perhaps you’ve been heavily into the goth scene for a while, but now you’re a little more professional, you find it important to alter into a more casual and smarter look. 

Maybe you just want to wear more formal clothes or adornments like a blazer as part of your daily casual wear. Consider age-appropriate adjustments while remaining true to your individuality, and you’ll ace it. Or throw off those shackles as well, and prove to us all that age is nothing but a number.

Balancing Fun & Budget

Any creative effort (and that includes fashion) is actually much better when you have to work within creative parameters to develop it. The same could be said for our wardrobe. You can inject joy and spontaneity into your style journey by thrifting, searching for deals on apps like Depop or Vinted, and buying second-hand. You could experiment with vibrant colors, bold patterns, and eccentric accessories that give you a little pizzazz. 

Just remember that while you may be massively excited to switch up your style and go for garment gold, it’s essential to set realistic budgetary boundaries. In other words, don’t over-shop and then look at your wardrobe with a sense of guilt. It’s easy to do, especially as you feel confident and empowered in new threads. Moreover, prioritize quality over quantity and invest in versatile pieces that will last some time, so you don’t have to constantly repeat the process. A nice pair of boots or a great coat can last for some time and be a milestone mark of your new approach to style. If you balance these two considerations, fun and budget, you’ll come out the other end with a better result.

Dress For Now, Not Next Year

We discussed that dressing with staple pieces can help you focus on nice items instead of what’s trendy, and that’s true. But it’s also true that you should dress for who you are now, not necessarily who you will be at a later date. This allows you to celebrate yourself for you, rather than feeling you can only look good and dress up when you’ve lose some extra weight.

If you like a dress, it doesn’t mean you have to like it forever. Appropriate spending and wise purchases is one thing for sure, but don’t let it rob you of the love for fashion. Moreover, having one or two items you adore and are just happy to wear even if they don’t fit into your wider “style” can be just as good as anything else. Sometimes, the true new style era is about accepting yourself and allowing that self-love to radiate through how you express your mood on a daily basis. 

With this advice, you’re certain to enter a new, better and more personal fashion era.

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