Neckline Fashion Vocabulary

The best or worst part of fashions for women is that there are so many aspects to it and many facets. Those who are in the know feel that this is the best feature of fashion, and those who are not in the know feel it is the worst aspect. One of the aspects of fashion that is bound to leave you stumped is the terminology or rather vocabulary around necklines. This is definitely something that is fully known about. There is no doubt many fashion outfits to try this year will have a lot to do about necklines. Or, when you want to learn to plan your wardrobe for the whole week, you will need to consider the necklines.

We will tell you about some necklines, and the next time you are out observing the nuances of fashion, then you can compare notes to find out what we are actually talking about in practical terms. You can look at high street fashion to observe and learn from them.

Here Are Some Components Of The Neckline Fashion Vocabulary:

Here Are Some Components Of The Neckline Fashion Vocabulary
  • Sweetheart neckline: This is a neckline that is used on strapless tops and dresses and the way the neckline forms are in the shape of a heart.
  • Scoop neckline: This is a line of the neck that is in the form of a u that can either be shallow or deep.
  • Straight across: This is a neckline that is again used mostly in strapless dresses that are formed in a straight line.
  • V neckline: This is a simple and v-shaped neckline that is pretty common.
  • Off-shoulder: This neckline is formed with straps that are not on the shoulder but on the top portion of the arms.
  • Bateau: This is a neckline that is wide with it spreading towards the edges of the shoulder and highlights the collarbones.
  • Jewel neckline: This is a rounded neckline that is great for showing a necklace or chain that you are wearing.
  • Square neckline: Instead of rounded edges, this neckline is made up of square corners.
  • Halter neckline: These necklines are formed by the straps that are either tied or linked at the back.
  • High neck: This kind of neckline goes high up and covers part of the neck, and leaves no part of the chest uncovered.
  • Sabrina neckline: This is very similar to the bateau neckline, except that this is a bit more extreme.
  • Spaghetti strap: This neckline adds thin straps to a slightly curved sweetheart neckline and is widely spaced.
  • Halter strap: This neckline is formed by adding thin straps to the sweetheart neckline but in a closer spaced manner.
  • Asymmetric: This is basically formed when a dress has only one sleeve, and the other part is off-shoulder.
  • Queen Anne: Though this neckline could be deep, the straps at the side start narrow and go on to become wider, making the neckline different.
  • Illusion neckline: This is formed by adding a thin and transparent fabric from the sweetheart neckline to the neck.
  • Grecian: This neckline is peculiar in that there is a column of cloth starting from the center of the neckline and surrounds the neck.
  • Cowl neckline: This is, in most cases, a neckline that is formed by draping bits of cloth around the neckline to form a kind of cowl.

Now that you have an understanding of the vocabulary and formation of the main types of the neckline, you can negotiate through various types of wardrobe with ease. Many people may not be aware of this, but choosing the correct neckline for the kind of body that you have will make you look just right.

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