Myths About the Silk Sleepwear

Well, if you are used to wearing special clothing at night, silk slip wear is the best option because of its long-established reputation for a luxurious fabric. In addition to this, silk is known for its soft and delicate look, radiant luster, and fantastic smooth and even texture from very ancient dynamics to haute couture houses. 

Moreover, silk is a versatile fabric, as it can be crafted and produced in a wide variety of ranges.

As once Oscar DE la quoted,” silk does for the body what diamonds do for hands.”

So if you want to about myths about silk sleepwear, let’s look at the detail.

Common Myths about silk sleepwear

Same as linen, silk is widely liked and identified all over the world to be one of the best and oldest fabrics; according to Ancient Chinese myth, silk is chosen as a favorite one among luxury brands and fashion stylists for its delicate and opulent appearance, smooth feel, durability and versatility usage.

Silk needs dry cleaning for its maintenance

We love to debunk here a very important myth about silk. It is luxurious and tough to maintain, but it is easy to care silk sleepwear to use in light settings as nightwear. The silk sleepwear can be easily washed in regular washing machines and automatic washing machines. It is easy to preserve the soft shape and colors with delicate cool water settings and special silk detergents. These tips are also good for restoring the shining luster and preventing damaging the silk fibers. 

Silk shrinks while washing

Like the myth about dry cleaning, silk is often is perceived to shrink mistakenly when washed, especially in the washing machine. However, woven with high-quality silk fibers, the silk sleep wears are meant to retain their shape after washing if cared for accurately and lovingly. So it is advisable to care about temperature settings if washed in the washing machine.

Silk causes static electricity to a large extent

In contrast to famous belief, silk with high-quality texture does not cause static electricity compared to cheap fabrics like satin silks and other fabric choices. Unlike the mixed textures of silk counterparts, the pure silk fabric is made from natural fibers, with a soft feel and slippery touch, and prevents static electricity.

Silk has no real benefits

As silk is made with tightly woven and delicate fibers, the fabric is highly absorbent and even in texture. This characteristic offers the moisture to be absorbed and packed in the body while maintaining breathability. It has been proved that silk fabric is the best option for sleepwear and staying hydrated your body compared to cotton and other fabrics. This makes the silk fabric the perfect solution for winter nights, making the body dry and promoting hydration and luminosity to the skin. 

Silk is inexpensive to produce

Silk is not a fabric that is easy to produce. Unlike other sleepwear fabrics made from cheap fabrics, sleepwear is most costly to produce as the silk fibers are made from cocoons. According to research, thousands of cocoons fibers must produce one pound of silk fabric. The process needs a slow-spinning and weaving to produce a full roll of fabric. Wearing silk suits for night presents many benefits to the wearer through thermal balancing and hypoallergic properties. 

Silk sleepwear catches skin

This is another myth about silk sleepwear and mistaken identity that due to its slippery texture, it catches skin very easily, but it is not true. However, the 100% silk sleepwear does not catch skin in the way that satin silk captures. Die to its soft touch and texture. In addition to the delicate touch, you will love to use it for the night. 

Silk sleepwear is chemically processed

While the silk sleepwear that comes with cheap fabric may be bleached, the good quality wears made of silk-like Manito comes with natural silk fibers and does not require bleaching. In addition, silk sleepwear does not need herbicides and pesticides often found in some types of fabrics. This is because mulberry silk is produced from silkworms in a temperature-controlled environment free from predators. This is the most important reason to get sleepwear for those hoping to decrease the exposure from the body. 


So to conclude, silk sleepwear is the best option to use in the nightwear collection as it is breathable. It insulates a barrier between yourself and the surrounding temperature, which is helpful to keep you cool in summers and warm in the winter. 

Moreover, silk nightwear is an ideal option for regulating your body temperature and is best to get a comfortable night’s sleep. Although pricer the silk sleepwear more shine and strength, it is totally worth it to invest in this option, as the silk fabric is easy to handle in maintaining and washing and retains natural moisture.

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