Nine Must-Know Style Hacks You Can Pull Off With Clothes You Already Own

There are many wonderful things about fall shopping—new shoes, clothes, and accessories being at the top of that list. The downside? Not having any more money. Luckily, style is less about what you wear and more about how you wear it, and there are all kinds of sneaky fashion hacks that’ll make sure you’re wearing your clothes to their full potential. From perfecting the ultimate belt knot to mastering a sleeve cuff to learning how to transform your favorite scarf into something else entirely, we’ve pulled together nine of our most effective tricks in the slideshow above. Click through to learn them all—we promise you’ll be looking at your closet in a whole different way.

In Knots

style hack belt knot

This is one of those easy hacks that you’ve probably seen on everyone from Olivia Palermo to Helena Bordon…and you’ve probably wondered if they all went to the same belt-knotting seminar (they must’ve?). Well, we’ve got the cheat sheet.

To A Tee

Shirt Tie Style Hacks

Transform your favorite oversized tee into a bunch-free, figure-flattering top perfect for all of your most polished pencil skirts and high-waisted trousers. All you need is a hair elastic and a few seconds of time.

Sleeve Service

A little tuck here, a little tszuj there—the perfect cuffed sleeve is all in the technique.

Overalls, Undone

Meet the other way you should be wearing your overalls.

Borrowed From The Boys

How to wear off shoulder tops style hack

Turn this menswear workaday staple into a lady-friendly (and quite sexy) addition to your weekend wardrobe.

Scarf Skills

From vintage designer kerchiefs to traditional all-American bandanas, short neck scarves are a style staple this season. Here’s how to make sure you don’t creep into cowboy or flight attendant territory.

The Faux Bandeau

Only a beginner’s level of fashion magic is required to turn your favorite lightweight scarf into a layer-worthy bandeau top.

Tuck Everlasting

How do you make a half-tuck look deliberate and not like you haphazardly buttoned your pants over your shirt the last time you went to the restroom? We’ve got the (quite easy) answer.

Cuffed Up

This easy trick will make sure your jeans look fit for a street style star…and not Tom Sawyer.


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