People cannot resist buying cute shirts. The pattern and the color, texts, and building materials of the shirts attract them. This is why custom-designed shirts are one of the best gift options. They are highly versatile. Suppose you’re a business owner planning to promote your business. In that case, you can use custom-designed shirts as one of the best promotional methods. They will also develop a sense of commodity between your target customers. 

You can also purchase custom-designed shirts to showcase your personality and sense of fashion at casual or formal meetings. It doesn’t matter if you’re attending college parties or company meetings; the customized shirts will always make you look attractive. 

However, the design is the primary component that will determine the beauty and effectiveness of the customized shirts. Therefore, if you make mistakes while designing the shirt, it will cost you time and money. 

You need to make sure the designing process of your customized shirts is flawless. Here are the top 5 things you need to avoid while designing your custom-made shirts. 

You Choose Low-Quality Fabric

This is one of the worst mistakes you need to avoid while customizing shirts. Despite the occasions and your reasons for purchasing them, the quality of the customized shirts matters the most. You cannot wear shirts that are uncomfortable or itchy. Additionally, people know the difference between good and low-quality materials. They will know just by looking at your shirts. As the market is full of high-quality and affordable fabric options, there’s no excuse for choosing low-quality fabric for your shirts. As per Threads monthly, cotton is one of the best fabrics for shirts. 

You need to pay close attention to the fabric if you’re a business owner and want to use customized clothes to promote your business. The personalized shirts will represent the reputation and professionalism of your brand. Suppose your customers realize that the branded customized shirts are made of low-quality materials. In that case, they might lose confidence in your business. 

You Choose Complex Design

This is another common mistake you need to avoid. Just because you can showcase tour creativity by customizing the shirts doesn’t mean you need to implement the complicated design. Remember that your audience and your shirts can only take specific and essential pieces of information. Including too many patterns, graphics, colors, or texts in your design process will overwhelm your customers. 

Not to mention, the customers won’t be able to interpret the primary objective of your business. Hence, you need to choose a simple design while customizing your shirts. Pay close attention while choosing the colors and graphics. The idea is to promote your business smoothly, not confuse your customers. Do you want to print high-quality custom design shirts? It will help if you consider print on demand etsy

You Believe in One-Size-Fits-All Process

If you’ve placed a bulk order of customized shirts of the same size, you’re already in grave trouble. This is because the same size won’t fit perfectly for everyone. And improper fit will cause uncomfortable issues. 

It would be best if you chose different sizes while designing the shirts. You need to ensure the design or graphic is visible properly despite the size of the shirt. 

Not only the size of the shirts but also the size of your design plays an important role. The design should be neither too small nor too big. The print area will affect the placement and the print size as well. The print size is primarily dependent on the properties of the shirt and the design you choose. 

You Use Too Many Colors

The primary objective of the customized shirts is to promote your brand message or showcase your fashion statement. Many people and business owners assume that the shirts are canvass. Therefore, they put as many colors as possible while designing the shirt. This will only make the customized shirts unattractive. 

Unless you’re planning to print rainbow, don’t use too many colors while designing the customized shirts. This will make the shirt look overwhelming. Not to mention, you also need to pay the additional paint costs. 

The more colors you use, the more expensive your shirts will become if you’re using screen printing. We recommend you use less than three colors. 

The Contrast is Imbalanced 

The contrast plays a massive role in any artwork. The design of the customized shirts is not an exception. The contrast you choose during the designing process will determine the visual difference between lighter and darker parts of your design. Don’t focus on achieving high contrast. Instead, make sure the contrast is perfectly balanced so that the design looks eye-soothing. 

You also need to consider the contrast and colors of the texts you’re planning to use on customized shirts. If you want to go with bold colors for your text, make sure you use contrasting shades. Additionally, choose the font wisely. 


These are the top 5 shirts you need to avoid while designing customized shirts. Custom shirts can become the most powerful marketing technique for your business if you pay close attention to the designing process. Make sure you follow these mistakes and develop perfect designs on the customized shirts. 

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