If you’re like so many other people in the world who have decided to live a more sustainable lifestyle to protect Mother Earth, then you’re making a very positive step. However, just intending to do something and going through with are two different stories. You need to make appropriate adjustments so you can continue to do what’s best for your lifestyle while also setting a good example for others, and you can start here.

Sustainability and Fashion

When it comes to fashion and looking your best, some people buy the most expensive outfits, some of which they may never wear more than once. It’s a wasteful decision, and making a change is the first step in your new sustainable life. Think about different ways that you can show off your look without hurting the planet, such as by choosing ethical clothing like outfits that are made from recycled materials, and there’s even underwear made out of organic materials.

There are many popular fashion companies already in existence that make it their mission to provide sustainable fashion, such as PECKD. They make unique dresses, tops, and accessories from repurposed materials and their outfits are fully compostable, so they never hurt the planet.

If you want to live more sustainably, research the companies and products that fit within that mold and avoid those that don’t. For instance, make it a point to avoid fashion designers that utilize fast fashion, which is when they produce garments in mass quantities to build as much inventory as possible to turn a profit. The outfits are usually made from cheap fabrics and have minimal variation in color or style.

The problem with fast fashion is that they create an unnecessary number of garments, many of which are worn once or not at all and then disposed of in landfills. On top of that, they’re produced so quickly that the workers are often put in harm’s way just to make a dime. When you buy your outfits new from any non-sustainable company, you require the factories to burn fossil fuels to produce them, so try to buy used from Goodwill stores and donation centers. You’ll find great outfits that have been cleaned and cared for, and you’ll look great without hurting the planet.

Think About Where You Live

The next step is to look around your city and inside of your home with sustainability on your mind. Start with your city. Many cities worldwide are making significant steps to become more sustainable by making it easier to drive an electric vehicle, providing access to parks and green spaces, and improving their waste management processes.

That last one is major because our landfills are loaded to the brim with waste that can’t be recycled, and many items there can leak toxins into soil and water supplies. Many cities and countries are changing waste management processes by adding more recycling and reuse programs. Some countries are also adding passive piping systems that remove the dangerous methane gasses from landfills so they can be safely disposed of. 

If you really want to help the planet, research sustainable cities and relocate to one you like. Then, you can add to the solution by changing how you dispose of your waste at home. Recycle everything you can, make compost piles, and avoid using single-use plastics.

There are many other tactics that you can take to make your life more sustainable at home:

  • Do your spring cleaning with eco-friendly cleaning products made with pure, mineral-based ingredients that don’t harm you or the planet.
  • Keep your air conditioner at a moderate temperature.
  • Decorate with sustainable furniture made out of long-lasting materials that are free of toxins.

Be Mindful of How You Get Around

Finally, think about how you get around in your city and the pollution you provide along the way. One way is to try to avoid driving a vehicle that requires gas that produces fossil fuels that contribute to global warming.

If that’s not possible, then at least try to carpool — which has financial and social benefits as well. Many people are interested in carpooling, if even just for the gas savings. That said, the social factor may be the most promising. Get your friends into carpooling, and they may spread the word about its benefits to their friends and family, and so on. Social buy-in can create a cascading effect that makes a difference to the environment.

However, nothing beats cutting out unsustainable internal combustion engines altogether. There are many benefits to using sustainable transportation and avoiding using your car whenever possible, including reducing harmful CO2 emissions and non-sustainable chemicals like antifreeze. Loud vehicles also produce noise pollution that can harm our senses and cause headaches.

If your workplace or the places you frequent are close enough, try to walk or ride your bike. You can kick your sustainable walks up a notch by wearing eco-friendly shoes made of recycled materials, so when it’s time to get rid of them, you can do so in the most sustainable way possible.

These are just a handful of the mindful decisions you can consider to make your life more sustainable daily. Think about each little change you can make, and you’ll see they all add to something incredibly meaningful.

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