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No one likes coming across someone wearing exactly the same attire as oneself in winter. It is not just awkward and embarrassing, but it can also make for a sorry conversation starter. Sticking to the most outstanding and latest menswear styles — such as stealing a tween’s look — is a sure way to increase the odds of that happening to you.

Dressing yourself in a way that is both up-to-snuff and personal calls for digging far deeper into your personality and sense of style. It involves scratching past the surface of run-of-the-mill menswear trends and diving into what lies underneath the obvious.

Today, we present three crème de la crème menswear microtrends for winter that will knock your socks off. These are the bravest, brashest, and dopiest style moves that are bound to make you stand out from the crowd. From animal print clothing to super handsome sweaters, here are men’s fashion trends you’ll likely see throughout the winter season ahead.

1- Cozy Sweaters

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There is something about fuzzy, wooly sweaters that make men giggle and smile like no one’s business right now. With the air still crispy and chilly, it is the perfect time to think about cozy knitwear. Whether you’re into stripy jumpers, oversized crews, or fitted cardigans, wearing sweaters is the “it-thing” in the world of menswear at the moment.

For one thing, striped wool jumpers are some of the hottest sweater micro-trends right now. The chunky knits, block colors, and bold lines are a perfect combination for when you want to wrap up, keep yourself warm, and give your outfit a focal interest. Meanwhile, subtle hues, thin stripes, and fine-gauge knits are ideal picks for adding a low-key dose of personality to your ensemble.

Stripy, wooly jumpers have made a surprising comeback from their heydays in the 1990s, making them perfect for staying on trend and dressing up for the cold weather as you strut down the streets, run errands, or commute to work.

Of course, if you are not into stripes, plenty of other sweater patterns and prints are available from which to choose. Whatever your style, you can opt for bold, bright colors, graphic prints, polka dots, balloon sleeves, or you can go for the laid-back, classic sweaters that can be teamed with your favorite pair of jeans and cold-weather jacket.

For those who want to put together a classy outfit, the cashmere sweater is what the doctor prescribed. The modern, swanky, and clean look plus the cozy and soft feel of cashmere are just some of the many reasons why we love these luxe sweaters. Besides, they go with pretty much any clothing item. For those who are concerned about the source of textiles, it is now easy to trace the origin of your cashmere sweater.

For instance, you can show off your sartorial-savvy side by going for a pair of classic navy jeans with a black cashmere sweater. To bring a more laid-back aesthetic to your get-up, introduce a pair of black and white canvas sneakers to your outfit.

However, if your style leans toward off-duty, why not team a pair of skinny black jeans and a cashmere sweater. Feeling a little more creative? You can up the ante with the shoes by opting for a pair of black leather cowboy boots. Adding animal print clothing elsewhere in your outfit can surely take your look to the next level.

Other sweater micro-trends to look out for this year include the richly textured fisherman sweater, sporty pullovers, cotton v-neck sweaters, patterned sweaters, and the celebrity-approved turtleneck.

2- Animal Print

How To Wear Animal Print
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Animal print clothing is one of those styles that seldom wholly go out of fashion. On the contrary, it turns out, animal print is currently one of the most sought-after menswear micro-trends, and it is not difficult to see why. Animal print is funky, fun, and perfect for any occasion or can be worn in pretty much any season, especially spring, summer, and fall.

First of all, if you are searching for the perfect clothing accent to spruce up your outfit and give it that extra ‘wow’ factor, you won’t go wrong with animal print. Even more exciting is that it typically goes with any color or theme, making it easy to pull off an outfit that includes animal print items.

It is not uncommon for trends to spring back to life from previous seasons, years, or decades, which is precisely what’s happening with today’s animal print craze. This fabulous print made a massive splash on runways, and fashion shows many seasons ago. Top-notch and well-regarded designers like Azzedine Alaia and Oscar De La Renta were among a clique of fashion gurus who whipped up some of their most renowned looks using animal prints.

Well-known personalities, models, Instagram influencers, and Hollywood celebrities have also embraced this primary trend. Perhaps Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss, Rita Ora, or Kim Kardashian spring to mind when thinking of stylish animal print clothing. However, if you get your sartorial inspiration from Pinterest, you have probably seen the image of mega-model Naomi Campbell in head-to-toe animal print clothing at Azzedine Alaïa’s Fall/Winter 1991 show.

Leopard print is inarguably the biggest and hottest animal print right now. The animal print clothing featuring leopard spots is a trend that doesn’t seem to be losing its traction anytime soon, and it’s perhaps time you paid it more attention. It’s been featured on most catwalks lately, and we aren’t complaining.

The leopard print works beautifully when styled creatively with accessories, statement outerwear, and shirting. Don’t forget that you should only wear one piece of animal print clothing at a time unless you want to become the target game for trophy hunters the next time you head out for a stroll in the park.

For instance, a combination of black chinos and a leopard shirt is a highly stylish and safe bet for any man trying to look dope with minimal effort. Want to dress it up a bit? Why not go for a pair of black leather Chelsea boots or dress down with a pair of blue canvas low-top sneakers.

Consider teaming black sweatpants with a leopard shirt if you want to put together an easy yet handsome outfit that is open to experimentation. Perk up the class factor of this ensemble by donning black and white print leather low-top sneakers.

The leopard print, of course, goes beyond the trusty shirt. You can even try leopard shorts with a dark green print crew-neck tee for any casual situation. A silver watch, a red baseball cap, and a pair of burgundy leather sandals are all you need to add a dash of sartorial effortlessness into this outfit.

As noted by Sanctuary, animal print can be effortlessly incorporated into a variety of menswear, including sneakers, button-up shirts, oversized hoodies, suits, jacquard cardigans, pants, jackets, and much more. Not a big fan of leopard print? Don’t fret. A wide array of animal prints are trendy right now, including snakeskin, cheetah spots, cow skin, tiger stripes, and zebra print.

3- Winter Sneakers

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Most fellas trade in their cool sneakers for heavy-duty boots when the winter hits and temperatures dip below freezing. Ditching sneakers for boots may be a practical move for the cold weather, but it isn’t necessary, especially if you want to stay on-trend and fashionable this winter. Lucky for you, some of the trendiest winter sneakers you can snap up this season are for sale and almost all segment players have embraced sneaker winterization technology, from Nike and Puma to Vans and Asics.

Winter sneakers are not just fashion-forward and easy to wear, but these footwear pieces can also serve the same purpose as heavy winter boots. They are cozy, comfortable, and ultra-stylish, not to mention they go nicely with most trendy pieces of menswear, including animal print clothing.

Leather is, without a doubt, going to be the go-to material to opt for when it comes to men’s winter sneakers. Most leather sneakers are long-lasting and will stand up to anything winter can throw at you. Canvas is another sought-after sneaker material this winter. But, of course, any other winter sneaker material would be okay, as long as it is weatherproof and well-cushioned so the sneakers can keep your feet comfortable and toasty all winter long.

Talking about winter sneaker trends that you will likely come across, minimalist sneakers in off-white, gray, or navy are all the rage right now. For one thing, off-white sneakers are having a moment this winter because they combine a premium feel and classic comfort with an effortlessly clean look that goes with most outfits.

For instance, you can wear a pair of off-white canvas low-top sneakers with classic jeans, warm, sporty joggers, chinos, or even formal wear. Other winter sneaker styles worth checking out include tech runners, classic sneakers, and chunky-sole sneakers.

There you have it — three micro menswear trends you absolutely need this winter. Line up your wardrobe with minimalist sneakers, leopard print jackets, zebra boots, oversized sweaters, and other trendy items.

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