Trendy Ethnic Kurtas for Men
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Are you getting ready for the Big Fat Indian Wedding? Whether you’re attending the wedding as family, a guest, or the groom, looking dapper and putting your best foot forward is always the unwritten norm. 

Do you know that, unlike even five years back, nowadays, the most preferred outfit for men at weddings are traditional Indian kurta sets for men and not western suits and tuxedos? In fact, when it comes to men’s traditional fashion, you can explore a huge variety of outfits and clothes. 

This article intends to shed some light on the various types of kurtas that you can mix and match with your traditional dhotis. The kurtas mentioned here almost go with all kinds of traditional dhotis and make the wearer look dapper irrespective of whether he is the groom himself or attending the wedding as a guest. 

Types of Trendy Kurtas You Can Try with a Dhoti

Dhoti, believed to have originated from the Sanskrit word “dhauta,” is a 4.5-meter long unstitched fabric worn in various ways dictated by societal norms and the culture of different regions. In some parts of India, men prefer solid dhotis (mostly in monochrome), while in others, embroidered as well as printed dhotis have been the norm for a long time. 

In earlier times, dhotis were tied manually (just like a saree), but nowadays – to save time and make it easy and comfortable – pre-stitched dhotis are available. So, if you are wearing a dhoti-kurta for the first time, pre-stitched dhotis are the safest bet. And if you’re wondering about the type of kurtas to be paired with your dhoti, please read on – 

  • Silk Chikankari Kurtas

Chikankari is a fine and delicate embroidery known to have been the staple of Nawabs of Awadh and even Mughal kings. If you’re looking for a regal, elegant yet understated look at your wedding or wedding reception, nothing promises to be more captivating than a Lucknavi Chikankari and Silk Dhoti combination.

For people who follow the “less is more” mantra, lightly embroidered silk kurtas with dhoti can be the perfect match. Chikankari embroidery on silk kurtas in white or black looks gorgeous with a similar-hued silk dhoti.

  • Sufi-Style Layered Kurtas

If you prefer to resonate with the trending styles, try pairing your dhoti with a Sufi-style layered kurta. This hip and smart kurta set for men is simple in its approach and takes care of the long nights of dancing through the pre-wedding festivities like Mehendi, Sangeet, and even Haldi functions. And the best part is you can make a style statement without having to wear something out of your comfort zone or too heavy. 

Pro tip: Pair the dhoti and kurta in monochrome to fit into the “desi munda” look! 

  • Side-Draped Kurtas

Side-draped kurtas are what major designers are swearing by right now. If you’re the groom and don’t mind going that extra mile to look suave and stunning on your special day, ditch your regular sherwani and pair a side-draped kurta in pastels with silk dhotis. 

The A-line draped kurtas remind you of the Rajput Rajas – handsome, valiant, and debonair when paired with a dhoti and look remarkable during the pheras or at reception parties. You can add a few neckpieces and wear a carefully crafted mojari to complement your overall outfit. 

Not just the groom, this kurta set is perfect even for the best men at the wedding! 

  • Asymmetric Hem Kurta

Kurtas with asymmetric hems are en vogue right now and are tailormade for men who prefer to stay away from gaudy ethnic apparel. If you like carefree Indo-western outfits, a straight-cut kurta in pastel shades with an asymmetric hemline teamed with silk pre-draped dhoti pants looks stunning. This outfit is great if you’re having a morning wedding by the beach with fresh blooms and orchids as decor. 

These asymmetric kurta sets are also fantastic for pre-wedding festivities – where you want to dance your heart out, braving the Indian heat. 

  • Kurta with Nehru Jacket

This outfit is for men who like to keep it really simple yet striking at social events. Nehru jacket-kurta sets look elegant on men on both cultural as well as formal occasions. So, if you’re planning your look for an upcoming wedding or function, you can wear your favorite kurta-Nehru jacket set with a pre-stitched dhoti. To amp things up, you could keep the kurta and dhoti in similar solid hues and play with your jacket’s colors, prints or embroidery to ace the event. 

Wrapping up

Dhotis are incredibly versatile pieces of clothing that can be teamed up with various kurtas to create mesmerizing outfits and looks. With numerous celebrities donning the traditional dhotis at gala events, this flowy garment is surely here to stay. Make sure you wear your shoes and smile correctly, and are ready to ace any party! 

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