A few years ago, if you were to ask a group of men about wearing leggings to the gym, the answer would be an emphatic – No. However, with the recent growth in the activewear market, the popularity of men’s leggings and tights has also grown.

5 Tips to Rock Men's Leggings without Overdoing It

Thanks to the recent advancements in technology, compression tights, and leggings have become an essential part of modern workout wardrobe. This is because compression clothing enhances training and performance.

Leggings offer multiple benefits. They provide a shield to the skin from the chill of the wind. They’re a better option than sweatpants because they provide warmth to your skin without the extra weight of the joggers.

Also, men’s leggings are made of a unique sweat-wicking material to keep your body cool and comfortable. It is especially beneficial during the winter as sweat-wicking ability controls moisture and provides an additional insulation layer. What’s more, it protects against chafing and prevents rashes from setting in.

Here are some ways and ideas to help you buy the perfect pair of leggings for gym and workout sessions that will rock. The first step to the perfect pair of leggings is the right fit.

Total Coverage

Look for leggings that provide total coverage right down till the ankles. Also, ensure that they’re entirely opaque by trying them under different lights.

Ensure they don’t Slip down the Waist

Not all spandex leggings hold up. It depends on the quality and of course because everybody is built differently. Ideally, choose leggings with a drawstring waist for a personalized fit.

Make Sure They Aren’t Too Tight

There is a common myth that there is no such thing as ‘too tight’ in compression gear and compression leggings are always meant to be tight. Wearing leggings that are too tight will not provide the benefits of compression and can chafe. Moreover, workout gears have seams that follow your muscles’ line, offering support to hamstring and squads.

Choosing leggings that are too tight will also be detrimental to your performance. Therefore, it is essential to choose the leggings that fit right, i.e., neither too tight nor too loose.

Have a Place for Valuables

Make sure your leggings can have a place for your valuables. There is no point in lightweight performance gear if you have to carry the extra weight of your valuables. Also, ensure that your valuables’ weight does not pull your leggings down when you’re on a long hike or run.

Men’s leggings are not so much about fashion or style as it is about functionality. They’re a technical garment worn for running or in the gym. Though understated in design, these leggings feature a unique heat control and moisture-wicking ability to keep you cool and comfortable as you sweat.

Leggings meant for workout sessions differ slightly from those meant for running. Leggings for running feature pockets to hold your valuables and reflective detailing so you can be seen even at night to keep you safe from accidents.

On the other hand, leggings meant for the gym sessions offer a more subtle design so you can squat, jump, lunge, and run without restriction.

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